Mismanaged Home Page of the Dushanbe Hash House Harriers

This Week's Hash! Hash 336 (26 Mar 2011)


When: **WINTER HOURS**  3 PM

Hares:  No Name Andrew...

On In: 

The Dushanbe Hash House Harriers is a registered chapter of the Hash House Harriers, the world's most eccentric running club. There are Hash House Harriers' kennels in virtually every major city in the world.
What is it? A Hash House Harriers' run is a game, a paper chase, created on the theme of hare and hounds. This sport of mock hunting is no doubt as old as humanity, but the Hash House version traces its roots to nineteenth-century England. The first actual chapter of the Hash House Harriers was established in Kuala Lumpur in 1938. Find a brief history here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers
The game is played out like this: The hounds (harriers) follow a trail marked clearly on the ground by the hares, usually with shredded paper. The four or five kilometer pre-set circuit, which includes some planned misdirection, takes about an hour to navigate. The run is followed by a Hash House Harriers' roasting and toasting circle. The circle is infamous for its outlandish traditions and bawdy songs. So, the Hash Grandmaster advises that you bring a sense of humor (and a grain of salt) when you come out.  The hash is open to all comers. 
PS -- If you have half a mind to Hash then that's enough.  Well, that and 30 Somoni, which will buy you beer and a light meal.  As well as all the fun you can tolerate.
The Fla5her

PS: Although billed as a "Drinking Club with a Running Problem" there is a solid walking contingent in the DHHH. So bring your walking stick and get out here. And soft drinks are always available for the wimps among us.

***NOTE**** To learn more about the hash in general, or to find hash chapters in other cities, check out Half Mind Dot Com or Go To The Hash Dot Net. A new link (thanks to Vidal Baboon) is: http://www.hashspace.com/?xgi=5zIZPvHLWuMZfG&xg_source=msg_invite_net&xgkc=1