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This site is dedicated to the production of the first 30 years of Durst Phototechnik AG, the well-known  Italian company established in 1936 in Brixen (South Tyrol) to manufacture enlargers and darkroom supplies. The company still exists, though it ceased manufacturing enlargers and other darkroom supplies in 2005.

This is a personal site, made privately only for cultural and historical purposes, without any commercial aim and not related in any way with the company Durst Phototecknik AG - Brixen  (Italy). If you were looking for the Durst company official website, please click here.

This site is currently divided in five main sections, one for any major category of products manufactured by the company over the years. Any one of those main categories will direct you to the pages about specific models or to other sub-pages, depending on the number of models listed for any category.
All the main categories can be easily reached by the menu always present at the left. Clicking on the site logo at the upper left corner will always take you back to the home page.

This site has been started on 07 January 2013 and is updated and improved almost every day. Right now it's just a little bit more than an empty box, but if you come back and visit it at least once a week, you will find more and more every time. This is (and will very likely always be) work-in-progress, so not all the categories of products, or all the models inside any category will be presented, at least at the beginning. 

As you will see, web-site design is definitely not my primary ability, nor is the English language. So if you have any ideas, suggestions, advice or criticism about this site, or if you have some useful information or image you would like to share or you wish to send to be used in this site, please feel free to

Hope to see you soon!

Durst logo gallery

Durst used several logos on its products and publications since the company establishment in 1936. Here's a small gallery of some of them, from the first one with the capital D stylized as a lens element to the current one designed by the great designer Otl Aicher. Most of them can be found in several graphic variations, these are the most common versions. The dates indicating the years they were in use are approximate, as there has never been a direct transition from one logo to another, very often the new logo was introduced but the old one continued to be used for some more time.

Durst logo 1936-1948


Durst logo 1946-1966


Durst logo 1952-1974

  Durst logo 1972-1990
 1936 - 1946

 1946 - 1966

 1952 - 1975   1972 - 1988


Current Durst logo

 1978 - 1988    Current Durst Logo
(Corporate Identity colors)


Last update: 21 February 2013