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Zimmer Durom Hip Replacements are Faulty, Lawsuits are Pending

Many American's receive joint replacements each year. It is a way for elderly people, and for those who have overused their joints, to get more years of activity and enjoyment out of their lives. Due to this procedure becoming such a normal occurrence, a lot of people do not bother to ask or question their doctors, or the manufacturers of their joint replacements about the quality of the technology that they are using. This has unfortunately caused serious injury and damages to yourself or to your loved ones. If someone you know has recently received a hip replacement, continue reading for some seriously important info regarding the Zimmer Durom Hip Replacement.

The reasons are numerous why either yourself or one of your loved ones might have undergone a Zimmer Durom hip replacement surgery, leading to danger for yourself of your loved ones. Hip replacement, also known as hip arthroplasty, is a fairly common procedure where the hip joint itself is removed from the body and then replaced by an implant. There are many reasons for actually doing this, which include the pain of arthritis which was affecting the joint, sometimes damage can occur over the lifetime of a joint, to fix a hip fracture, which happens often to older people.

What is considered to be modern hip replacement surgery has been in effect since the 70's, which is why the idea may seem so commonplace to you. A hip replacement, such as those from Zimmer Durom, most commonly consists of three manufactured pieces, engineered to replace and duplicate the operation of a joint. They include a metal replacement for part of the femur. There is also a component which facilitates natural movement that simulates a natural joint, lastly is the bone cement and / or screws that hold it all together.

One of the most common issues with hip replacements is the need for revision, or a further surgery to correct issues with the implant. This can really cause a large amount of stress on elderly bodies and even on younger healthier patients. It is the focus of the zimmer durom hip. Surgeons and doctors were choosing the Zimmer Durom for patients that under normal conditions would require a full hip replacement, as it was designed to be long lasting. Even though this was the case, close to 12 percent of the people who received the Zimmer Durom hip implant needed a revision surgery within two years, prompted both emotional and physical reactions.

Zimmer Durom initially stated that this high failure rate was due to errors that the surgeons performed, they stopped selling their hip replacement device in July 2008. Zimmer Durom went ahead and funded a study, what they found was that 8 percent of the people that received the initial hip replacement required a revision surgery withing a two year period. This has led many in the medical and legal communities to believe that the issue is with the replacement device and not with the surgeons.

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One thing is certain, if you have had a hip replacement surgery, or someone you know has had one over the last few years, ask your doctor if it was a Zimmer Durom. If it was, even if you have not had a failure of your hip replacement yet, you may be able to join a class action law suit. If a representative from Zimmer Durom attempts to contact you, stay away from signing any of their documents, you may be signing away your right to participate in the class action lawsuit.