short packet communication toolbox

Shannon theory describes fundamental limits of communication and compression systems. Classic closed-form results (such as the well known log(1 + SNR) formula) apply only to the regime of infinite blocklength (infinite packet size/ infinite delay).

In some applications, however, a more refined analysis of the interplay between packet-error probability, communication rate, and packet size is required. This may be needed in emerging applications, such as massive machine-to-machine communication for metering, traffic safety, and telecontrol of industrial plants, and in applications that require real-time data transfer to enable remote wireless control (tactile internet), which may require the exchange of short packets, sometimes under stringent latency and reliability constraints

For short packet sizes, no closed-form results are usually obtainable, but there exist tight upper and lower bounds on fundamental limits, as well as approximations.

The idea behind the spectre project is to create a toolbox that provides numerical routines for the computation of these bounds and these approximations.

The toolbox can be downloaded from GitHub.

Have a look at the spectre manual to get an overview of the numerical routines provided in this toolbox. The latest version of the manual can be downloaded from GitHub.
The toolbox is under development and the participation of additional members of the information and communication theory communities to this endeavor is warmly welcomed! 

For questions and access permissions: email