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Giuseppe Durisi


Communication Systems Group

Department of Electrical Engineering

Chalmers University of Technology

41296 Göteborg, Sweden



We perform research in information theory, a mathematical discipline that deals with optimal methods for representing, communicating and storing digital information. We currently cover a broad range of topics, both theoretic and applied, which include:
  • the characterization of the trade-off between latency, reliability and throughput in the transmission of digital information over both wireless and optical fiber channels
  • the design of 5G broadband cellular systems operating on the millimeter-wave part of the wireless spectrum and relying on advanced massive multi-antenna solutions
  • the development of next-generation low-latency ultra-reliable communication systems.
  • The theoretical characterization of the performance of deep neural networks.

We strive to find mathematically elegant solutions to practically relevant engineering problems in the field of communication systems and signal processing. Maintaining high standard for research, and aiming for clarity and precision are among our top priorities. We are fortunate to be able to count on a vast network of collaborators, which include both theoreticians in world-wide renowned academic institutions, and practitioners in leading wireless communication enterprises. We try our best to make our research reproducible.