Saturday Academies

Saturday Academies provide enrichment opportunities for gifted children outside of the classroom.  In addition, Saturday Academies also provide an opportunity to interact with other gifted children in a variety of environments.  Durham PAGE strives to provide a variety of activities to spark a love of learning.  Suggestions for Saturday Academies are welcome!


  • Registration 
    • Durham PAGE will announce all events with sufficient time for members to register.
    • All events will be announced by a mass email to the Durham PAGE google group.
    • Saturday Academies will have an open registration period of at least 3 days, unless otherwise specified.
    • An email confirming that registration was received will be sent by the end of day (or at time of registration for on-line registrations).
  • Some Saturday Academies will have age limitations and/or space limitations.
  • Enrollment for Saturday Academies with limited spaces will be filled by lottery, if needed (see Lottery Policy).  
  • Annual dues must be paid prior to registering for and participating in Saturday Academies.
  • Most Saturday Academies are free to members.  Occasionally, a fee of up to $10 per child may be charged to offset the cost of the event.