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All members in good standing have the right to attend general meetings, participate in programs at the stated fee (if applicable), receive notices and other information from Durham PAGE, vote, and hold office.  

Benefits include:
  • Priority registration for all events open to the public
  • Saturday Academies* for students  (FAMILY MEMBERSHIP ONLY)
  • Network of parents and teachers who share an interest in supporting gifted children
  • Network of gifted children ranging from grades K-12
  • Open enrollment district for Stanford's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)  ***Fees payable to EPGY apply***  

  • Most Saturday Academies are free.  Fees, usually less than $10, may apply when the event incurs a significant expense to Durham PAGE.
  • Some Saturday Academies have age limitations and/or space limitations.  Enrollment for Saturday Academies with limited spaces will be filled by lottery.