Dura Wallet - Buy One, Get One Free!

The Dura Wallet has no stitches or seams and is five times thinner than ordinary wallets. It holds up to 16 credit cards and several receipts all at once. In addition, it also holds at least 20 dollar bills.

It’s made of woven fiber that ordinarily supports tall buildings or 600-horsepower racecars. With this strength buyers can’t go wrong. It’s over 60% thinner than other billfolds. Consumers may have seen this on television, but now they can purchase it on the Internet.

The Secret

Well, it’s not much of a secret anymore. Makers already revealed to the public why they should choose this money holder one over another. It’s made from the same material (a folded sheet of Tyvek) used to support industrial packages and large architectural structures. The strength of it exceeds most expectations, and it surprisingly holds more personal belongings that similar items.


It will not tear and is water resistant. Furthermore, the Dura Wallet will block all RFID signals. Therefore, it prevents electronic identity theft. It also doesn’t stain very easily. Furthermore,
doctors who experience back, hip or sciatica pain recommend it.

This new product even surpasses aluminum wallets because of how much less room it requires. It weighs only a fifth of what a regular billfold weighs, and it has no seams or stiches. Buyers have a choice of purchasing it in black or brown.

As durable as it is, this item is eco-friendly. It’s made from at least 25% recyclable material. Furthermore, the fact that it uses fewer resources from the earth impresses avid environmentalists.

However, anyone who owns this item will more than likely be able to carry it for several years before discarding it. This item is meant to last longer than conventional wallets. It will not tear and can resist more intense pressure than comparable items.

Buyer Info

One of the latest promotions included a second wallet for the price of one. However, anyone who places an order has to pay for the shipping and handling for the free one as well as the paid one. Customers who don’t like the Durawallet can return it within 30 days and get their money back. However, this recent offer is only available to people who live in the continental United States.

Anyone who wants to know if they are covered by the current guarantee must read the Arbitration Agreement. This document is available online, and it outlines all the specific terms and conditions the buyer and seller must follow to make the purchase official. It also explains the conditions under which a DuraWallet purchase is guaranteed. For example, this item may not be officially available in every location around the world.