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Durafresh Professional Travel Kit

Durafresh Professional Oral Care products are the last word in State-of-the-Art oral care. They all use an aqueous ClO2 (chlorine dioxide) technology. This is not new. It has been used for years in the purification of water. But it is new as a basis for Oral Care products. It is a NON-ALCOHOL, mild-tasting, stable, pH balanced, non-staining, non-toxic, non-mutagenic (due to anti-viricidal effects) that serves as a potent germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, biocidal, and viricidal agent. What does this mean in English? Not only does it kill most common bacteria in the mouth, it quickly and safely eliminates bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

- Durafresh Anti-bacterial Deodorant with Aloe Vera 2oz
- Durafresh Concentrated Breath Spray 1 oz
- Durafresh Professional Oral Rinse 4 oz
- Durafresh Whitening Toothpaste with Baking Soda 2 Oz
- Durafresh Muti-purpose Gel with Aloe Vera


Travel Kit

Durafresh Professional Oral Rinse Mouthwash

According to Durafresh loyalist who have used this product in their daily regimen, it is the best tasting oral rinse compared to all the mouthwashes available in the market today. Even children love the taste that can be describe as water with a subtle hint of mint!

- Alcohol-free
- Sugar free
- Anti-microbial
- Non-staining


This product can be used as:
- root canal irrigant
- rinse for sensitive teeth

4 Oz Bottle

8.5 Oz Bottle

16 Oz Bottle

34 Oz Bottle

Durafresh Whitening Toothpaste

With Durafresh Whitening Toothpaste, brush away the odor causing bacteria. With an aloe whitening, baking soda and stabilized ClO2 formula, you can feel the Durafresh difference. Not only does it clean deep and deodorizes breath with its specialized formula, it is also sugar free!


2 Oz Tube
6 Oz Tube

Durafresh Breath Spray Concentrated

When flossing and toothbrushing are not accessible, spray your mouth with Durafresh Breath Spray to freshen your breath for hours. Not like common breath sprays which simply rely on strong mint flavors to mask bad breath, this refreshing alcohol-free, and sugar-free breath spray aids in destroying the odor-causing compounds in your mouth that cause bad breath.

* Concentrated Anti-bacterial Protection
* Alcohol-Free
* Sweetener-Free
* Long Lasting Protection
* pH Balanced


1 Oz Bottle