I am a QGM-Caltech joint postdoc working on quantum field theory and string theory.
I was a graduate student at Caltech from 2011 to 2016. 
My Ph.D advisor was Sergei Gukov.

E-mail:  pei_at_caltech.edu

Research interests:

I am interested in various topics in string theory,  quantum field theory and mathematical physics, including:

  • Dynamics of supersymmetric gauge theories
  • Conformal field theories and TQFTs
  • Higgs bundles
  • Physics and geometry of moduli spaces
  • Representation theory and quantum algebra
  • ...


"Argyres-Douglas Theories, Chiral Algebras and Wild Hitchin Characters," arXiv: 1701.08782 (w/ Laura Fredrickson, Wenbin Yan and Ke Ye).

"BPS spectra and 3-manifold invariants," arXiv: 1701.06567 (w/ Sergei Gukov, Pavel Putrov and Cumrun Vafa).

"The Verlinde Formula for Higgs Bundles," arXiv: 1608:01761 (w/ J.E. Andersen and Sergei Gukov).

"Equivariant Verlinde algebra from superconformal index and Argyres-Seiberg duality,arXiv: 1605.06528 (w/ Sergei Gukov, Wenbin Yan and Ke Ye). 

"A 3d-3d appetizer," JHEParXiv:1503.04809 (w/ Ke Ye).

"Equivariant Verlinde formula from fivebranes and vortices", Comm. Math. Phys.arXiv:1501.01310 (w/ Sergei Gukov).

Ph.D Thesis:

"3d-3d Correspondence for Seifert Manifolds", CaltechTHESIS:05282016-191214961.

Invited Talks:

01/2017, Wild Hitchin Characters, Geometry seminar, IST Austria.

01/2017, Wild Hitchin Characters, QUANTMOD — Quantization and Moduli Spaces, University of Luxembourg.

09/2016, The Verlinde formula for Higgs bundles, Hitchin70: Differential Geometry and Quantization, QGM, Aarhus. Video

02/2016,  Verlinde formula for Higgs bundles, Workshop on "Higgs Bundles in Geometry and Physics," IWH Heidelberg.

10/2015, Mini-course on "New TQFT's and Equivariant Integration over Moduli Space of Higgs Bundles," NS@50, Chennai Mathematical Institute.

02/2015, The Equivariant Verlinde formula, Noncommutative Geometry Seminar, Caltech. 

11/2014, Equivariant Integration Over Hitchin Moduli Space, Workshop on "Gauged Sigma-Models in Two Dimensions," Simons Center of Geometry and Physics. Video

05/2014, TQFT and the Geometry of Moduli Spaces, GEAR Junior Retreat, University of Michigan.

Mail Address: Caltech 452-48, Pasadena, CA 91125