Welcome to the DuPage Youth Travel Basketball League.  In our 10th year, we are home to over 200 local area teams.  Our mission is to provide an organized and safe environment for our kids to play basketball. 

This website includes all Team Contact information with emails and phone numbers.  Additionally, all schedules/results, standings, gym locations and rules are included. 

We are home to both High School Feeder and Park District affiliate travel basketball teams.

2016/2017 Season is fast approaching:

Registration/Interest forms:  Available September 1, 2016
Registration/Interest forms:  Due October 1, 2016 (due to appropriate league coordinator below)
Team/Division Formation:  Mid October
Mandatory Scheduling Meeting:  October 30, 2016 - Wheaton Park District, 5:00 PM

The 2016-2017 League Coordinators are as follows:

4th Grade - Brian Schauer - brianschauer@comcast.net
5th Grade - Tony Zakic - Bloomingdale - zakic.bball@att.net - 630-815-3720
6th Grade - Lisa Woytych - St Charles Storm - lisastchoops@att.net - 847-888-1960
7th Grade -
Rob Mann - Elmhurst Airborne - rob@allstartrading.com
8th Grade - Bill Bonnema - Carol Stream Panthers - bbonnema@sbcglobal.net - 630-674-1241


8th Grade Results

A Division:

1st Place:  Willowbrook Warriors

2nd Place: Wheaton North

3rd Place:  LAC

4th Place:  St. Charles Storm White


B Top Division
1st Place:  Lisle Lions

2nd Place: St Charles Storm Black

3rd Place:  St Francis

4th Place:  Downers Grove Wolfpack Black


B Bottom Division:

1st Place:  Elmhurst Airborne White

2nd Place: Westmont Wolverines

3rd Place:  South Elgin Storm

4th Place:  Batavia Bulldogs Gold



1st Place:  Downers Grove Wolfpack Red

2nd Place: Geneva Park District Blue

3rd Place:  Glen Ellyn Raiders

4th Place:  Geneva White

7th Grade Results

Upper Gold Division:
1st Place:  Glenbard South Blue
2nd Place:  Wheaton North Gold 
Consolation:  Elmhurst Green Airborne

Lower Gold Division:
1st Place:  WIBA 
2nd Place:  Batavia Red 
3rd Place:  Wheatland Blue 
4th Place:  Roselle Raptors 

Upper Silver 1 Division:
1st Place:  Bensenville 
2nd Place:  Wheatland Gold   
3rd Place:  Geneva Vikings Blue 
4th Place:  Downers Grove Wolfpack 
Consolation:  Elmhurst Airborne White

Lower Silver 1 Division:
1st Place:  Lemont Athletic 
2nd Place:  Hinsdale Inferno Black   
3rd Place:  Wheaton North Blue 
4th Place:  Bloomingdale Bulldogs 
Consolation:  Lisle Lions

Silver 2 Division:
1st Place:  St Charles Red 
2nd Place:  Glenbard South Red   
3rd Place:  Elmhurst Knights Silver 
4th Place:   Wheaton South Orange 
Consolation:  Westmont

6th Grade Results

Gold A Division:
1st Place:  Glen Ellyn Titans Green
2nd Place:  Elmhurst Airborne Green
3rd Place:  Wheatland Wizards Gold 
4th Place:  Geneva Feeder Blue 
Consolation:  Hinsdale Inferno Red 

Gold B Upper Division:
1st Place:  Bartlett
2nd Place:  Elmhurst Airborne White
3rd Place:  Knights Blue
4th Place:  South Elgin
Consolation: Wheaton North Gold

Gold B Lower Division:
1st Place:  Clarendon Eagles White
2nd Place:  Hinsdale Inferno White

Silver Top Division:
1st Place:  Wheaton South Orange 
2nd Place:  Illinois Broncos   
3rd Place:  St Charles Storm Red
4th Place:  Geneva Feeder Vikings Black
Consolation:  Geneva Feeder Vikings White

Silver Bottom Division:
1st Place:  Wheatland Wizards White
2nd Place:  Roselle Raptors   
3rd Place:  Lisle Lions 
4th Place:  South Elgin High School Feeder #2 
Consolation:  Glen Ellyn Titans Silver

5th Grade Results

Gold Division:
1st Place:  Hinsdale Inferno Red
2nd Place:  Wheatland Wizards
3rd Place:  Glen Ellyn Titans Green 
4th Place:  Lemont
Consolation:  Geneva Vikings Blue 

Silver Division:
1st Place:  Westmont Wolverines 
2nd Place:  Wheaton Vipers Red 
3rd Place:  Glenbard South Raiders Blue 
4th Place:  Carol Stream Panthers 
Consolation:  Willowbrook Warriors

Silver II Division:
1st Place:  St Charles Storm Black 
2nd Place:  Downers Grove Nomads Black 
3rd Place:  Elmhurst Knights Blue
4th Place:  Bloomingdale Blue Devils
Consolation:  Western Springs Blazers

Bronze Division:
1st Place:  Elmhurst Airborne 
2nd Place:  Lisle Lions   
3rd Place:  Wheatland Wizards Gold 
4th Place:  Bloomingdale Blue Devils 

Bronze II Division
1st Place:  Downers Grove Nomads White 
2nd Place:  Glenbard East Rams   
3rd Place:  Carol Stream Panthers 
4th Place:  Bartlett Hawks 
Consolation:  Wheaton Vipers Black

4th Grade Results

A Division:
1st Place:  Downers Grove Wolfpack
2nd Place:  Victory Basketball
3rd Place:  Hinsdale Red
4th Place:  St Charles White
Consolation:  Batavia Red

B Division:
1st Place:  Elmhurst Black
2nd Place:  Elmhurst White
3rd Place:  St Charles Black
4th Place:  Hinsdale White
Consolation:  Knights Blue

C Division:
1st Place:  Bloomingdale Blue Devils
2nd Place:  Wheaton Black 
3rd Place:  Wheaton Academy
4th Place:  Bartlett Hawks
Consolation:  Wheatland Gold

Please contact your league coordinators for any questions.

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