To install a mod, simply place the .pk3 file into your /base/ folder. To uninstall, delete it.
All of these mods were made by me unless otherwise specified.

Recent updates:
1/12/2016 - update SMod link
12/4/2015 - added jetpack lines
9/27/2015 - added sith saber sounds

Highly-recommended clientside mod by Sil. Everyone should get it. Has EOF error patch, automatic demo recording, multi-kill messages, no-CD patch, HTTP autodownloading, MANY bugfixes, and more.

A small program by TiM that lets you minimize JK3 with custom hotkeys.

A clientside mod by ent for watching demos. Allows free roaming camera, fast-forward/rewind, and more. Runs in its own mod folder, so there are no compatibility issues with other mods.

Small ISO file that passes the CD-ROM check for non-steam JK3. If you use SMod, you don't need this because SMod removes the CD-ROM check.

Disables the introduction videos that play when you start JA.

Fixes annoyances with JK3's special effects:
  • Removes annoying light flash when firing weapons (like the rocket launcher)
  • Removes the gigantic explosion and smoke effects that block your view from ATST and swoop explosions 
  • Makes the mind trick halo effect much more visible so you can easily tell who you have mindtricked
  • Removes unnecessary smoke effects from some explosions that blocks your view
Removes the black background from the base jk3 disruptor scope, allowing you to see more. Obviously, this is incompatible with "High Quality Scope" mod.

A high-resolution scope replacement from Grab, available with and without the black background. Obviously, this is incompatible with "No Black Background in Scope" mod.

A high-resolution replacement for all fonts in JK3 from Grab.

A high-resolution JK3 fonts replacement from Grab.

Removes the "eyeball" effect from your screen when using force sense.

Gives you a red dot crosshair. Some setup is required: to activate, enter into the console cg_drawcrosshair 5. To adjust the size of the crosshair, use cg_crosshairsize.

Changes the electrostatic effect of tech shields to a solid, transparent color. Allows you to easily see behind shields.

In base JK3, there is a sizing problem with character icons and siege class icons that results in an ugly black line beneath character icons. This mod from Grab fixes that.

Box Mod (Updated 09/2015)
Changes boxes in base maps to be solid black with a red outline. Allows you to clearly see enemies between crates.

Replaces the jetpack flames effect with simple red lines. Prevents the flames/smoke from annoyingly blocking your view.

A special edition of Nar Shaddaa that includes a Box Mod made for Nar Shaddaa. This PK3 replaces your entire Nar Shaddaa PK3, so delete your original siege_narshaddaa_v1.4.pk3 file.

Changes the low-resolution loading screens of maps to higher resolution images. I did not make this -- all credits go to Botdra Lar'les

Some nice replacement icons for siege classes by J3rk.

Fixes thermals and detpacks having the same kill message in English and German. Don't use this mod if you also use my text mod(see below).
  • "was detonated by" becomes "was detpacked by"
  • "wurde detoniert von" becomes "spürte das Detonationspack von"
Changes some in-game text (English-only) to be shorter, so it takes up less space on your screen. Also colors some text.
This includes the "detkill fix," so don't use both mods.
  • "The command center is under attack!" is changed to "CC atk"
  • "The wall has been breached, you've been pushed back!" is changed to "wall down"
  • "Green crystal has been taken from its room!" is changed to "Green taken"
  • Removes flame sounds from Korriban
  • Removes constant jetpack flame sound
  • Removes lava choking sounds from Korriban
  • Removes force speed and force sense loop sounds
  • Adds a unique sound effect for when mind control deactivates
  • Fixes delayed rocket launcher explosion sound glitch
  • Changes Rancor eating sound to Tensor's voice saying "owned owned"
In base JK3, the charging sounds for weapons don't line up with the actual time it takes for the weapon to fully charge. This mod condenses the charge sound effects to match the exact times it takes for weapons to charge. It also adds a little beep to let you know that your weapon is fully charged.

In base JK3, footstep sounds on terrain (sand, snow, etc) don't work properly. This mod from Grab fixes that.

Changes lightsaber on/off sounds to be the lightsaber on/off sounds used by dark jedis in singleplayer (cooler sound effect, IMO)

In base JK3, all characters use Jaden sounds for voice chat (sounds like 'medic' etc.) However, there are sounds Raven made for more characters. Eezstreet has made them into a mod you can use.

In base JK3, many characters don't have unique sounds that were in jk2. This mod by Circa adds missing jk2 sounds to these characters.

These weapon skin mods allow you to more easily see which weapon your enemy has out.

These player skin mods allow you to more easily see enemy techs and scouts.
Green Saboteur (Updated 08/2015)
Blue Jan (Updated 08/2015)
Red Lando (Updated 08/2015)
Teal Chiss (Updated 08/2015)
Green Merc (Updated 08/2015)

Allows you to toggle +use on and off with a key binding. Some setup is required -- unzip to base and read the installation guide txt file.

Allows you to bind keys to zoom in and out. Some setup is required -- unzip to base and read the installation guide txt file.

Wallrun to the maximum height every time. Useful for going up the codes lifts on Hoth (jump onto the button and use the script). Some setup is required -- read the installation guide txt file.

Although you can use the /class command for classbinds on b_e servers, these scripts allow you to use different binds/cvars for different classes. For example, set force binds for jedi classes or lower mouse sensitivity for scout. Some setup is required -- unzip to base and read the installation guide txt file.

Map made by me. One of the most-played custom maps. Everyone should have this map.

Not really an actual siege map. It's a unique method for choosing teams without captains. Instructions are included.

Experimental symmetrical siege map.

A page on this site intended for siege server admins. Contains useful CFGs, patches, and other useful stuff for running a siege server.

Siege server mod. This is the recommended serverside mod for JK3 siege.

Putting this in /gamedata/ fixes a JK3 crash on some PCs running integrated graphics. I didn't make this (obviously).

This is a link to a guide I wrote on Steam. It covers the most important basics of Siege, including use of the timer, selfkilling, and more.

Link to the official Steam group.