The Deep Listening Band will be at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym in October for a weeklong recording and performance residency. The lineup will include founding members Pauline Oliveros and Stuart Dempster as well as special guests Jonas Braasch, Jesse Stewart and Johannes Welsch. The residency is a celebration of Oliveros' and Dempster's landmark recording "Deep Listening" from October 1988, which also featured experimental sound artist Panaiotis. The album was recorded at the gigantic, underground Fort Worden Water Cistern, a space offering intriguing acoustics with a 45 second reverb. It is widely considered to be a groundbreaking ambient recording and a landmark in the history of experimental music. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this seminal work Oliveros and Dempster will employ special technology in order to recreate the sonic ambience of the original recording.

While the event will be a Canadian premiere, the "Cistern Simulation Technology", developed by Jonas Braasch, Director of the Center for Cognition, Communication, and Culture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has been presented on two different occasions earlier this year: at the impressive EMPAC Concert Hall in Troy, NY and at the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center. The final sentence in the "New York City Village Voice" review of the latter event stated: "Oliveros and band member Stuart Dempster, concluded in a deep, shimmering, overtone-rich chord you hoped would go on forever." The New York Times asserted that "three peak performances used modern technology to evoke the ineffable." For their performance at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym the band will use Braasch’s groundbreaking system of multiple loudspeakers, a battery of microphones and a computer to simulate the “echo footprint” of the iconic Fort Worden Cistern. "Our dream after that first experience recording in the cistern was to take the cistern into the concert hall," says Oliveros, celebrated forerunner of electronic music and founder of the Deep Listening Institute. "Now 25 years later, Deep Listening Band is very excited to have that dream come true."

 Here's how it will be done:

An electroacoustic system with multiple loudspeakers will simulate the sound of the cistern in the auditorium at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym.

Multi-channel impulse responses of the cistern (the echo footprint) will be rendered using a CAD model of the cistern. Various source/receiver positions are considered, including those with special characteristics (e.g. flutter echoes).

Using a combination of close-microphone techniques and additional room microphones on stage, the instruments of the Deep Listening Band will be captured, convolved and auralized with the simulated impulse responses. The levels of direct and reverberant sounds will be calibrated to receive the authentic sound of the cistern.

Additional microphones will be placed in the audience area to process the audience members' own sounds with the same algorithm to provide the audience with the impression that it is sharing the same space with the musicians.

Johannes Welsch, founder of the Dunrobin Sonic Gym, asserts: "It's a good thing that we have a few days to dial in the sound of this complex setup. If all goes well we may just feed it into the 16 zone in-house sound system and get the entire building to resonate. It will be a special experience!"

The Deep Listening Band Residence is scheduled from October 1st to October 6th. The performance at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym on Saturday, October 5 at 7:30pm (doors open 7pm) is by registration only ( and will be streamed live online. The evening will begin with an invocation & blessing by IONE, Artistic Director of Deep Listening Institute. 

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