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Arts & Sciences

This office is OPEN and accepting Letters of Intent

The Arts and Sciences office is truly a varied office because it includes almost every form of creative endeavor that currently exists and once did exist. Some examples of the projects that are made consist of crafts such as woodcarving, tablet card weaving, knitting, sewing, nalbinding, blacksmithing, performance arts, music, weaving, alchemy and so much more!  Everything we make and recreate falls somehow into this category before anything else.

The Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon, Caid's premier arts and sciences event, occurs every other year. Its primary objectives are to give the artisans of the kingdom an opportunity to learn more about different arts and sciences and to demonstrate their skills. For further information, follow the link below to Pentathlon Information or contact the Pentathlon event steward, 
Vicountess Lorissa du Griffin. Go to for full information.

Dun Or,
Feb 15, 2015, 3:05 AM