Baronial News

GOOOOOOOD MORNING and Happy Monday, Dun Or!!!

Spring is springing here in our Barony, and this week, we have a very full calendar of activities! Come on out and share in the fun!

Here's what's going on this week in Dun Or!


** Rapier and Armored Combat **

Friday, March 15 - 7 P.M

Location: Steve Owen Memorial Park, Lancaster, CA

*For more information about or more specific location information/directions, please contact our Baronial Marshal, Shane or our Territorial Rapier Marshals , Lynette or Michael


March 17, 2019 - 2:30 P.M.

Location: Casa de Trujillo ( Please see Phillip or Yvonne for address and/or directions)

What's the latest news in Dun Or? How can you get more involved in the goings on in the Barony? Join us at our monthly populace meeting, and find out what's happening here in Dun Or, and add your voice to the discussion! For more information, or to add an item to the agenda, please contact our Seneschal, Phillip, or our Deputy Seneschal, Khalida.


March 17, 2019 - 2 P.M.- 8 P.M.

Location: Casa de Trujillo ( Please see Phillip or Yvonne for address and/or directions)

Please join the Barony of Dun Or for a day of artsy & sciency fun, as we come together to work on several different projects, including a painting project for our upcoming Anniversary! There will also be an opportunity to work on those ceramics projects that weren't yet finished, and possibly, even a little sewing! Bring something to work on, and something to share for our potluck dinner - but if you don't have either, that's okay too... just bring yourself!!! For more information, please contact our Baronial Arts and Sciences Officer, the lovely, and very talented, Lady Eva. (Yvonne)


March 17, 2019 - 4 P.M. (ish)

Location: Casa de Trujillo

Come check out all the "Hops"inings* going on this month with our Baronial Brewer's Guild at their regular monthly meeting, held in conjunction with our A & S day and populace meeting! New Members are always welcome, and no previous brewing experience is required! For more information, please contact our wonderful GuildMistress, Lady Tsura - ( Victoria )

* Note: The Guild Mistress holds no responsibility for this bad pun, That's all Ragnailt.


March 17, 2019 - 4 P.M. (ish)

Come join the Baronial Tinker's Guild as we continue construction on our first major project, the Dun Or Towers! No construction experience is necessary, and all are welcome! For more information, please contact our illustrious Guild Master, Fadi ! Be sure to check out the Guild's Facebook Group at:




April 6, 2019

George Lane Park

5520 W Ave L8, Quartz Hill, CA 93536

Event Stewards: Hadassah Sarai Bas Yossi and Torquil Seamus



"A missive from their Excellencies Bjorn and Roisin, Baron and Baroness of Dun’ Or

Unto our populace do we send warm greetings and salutations.

As we approach the time of our Barony’s Anniversary, we would like to solicit recommendations for awards of both our Barony and those of the Kingdom. If you have seen someone go above and beyond in service; If someone has impressed you with their skill or improvement in all forms of combat; If someone’s art has inspired you, we would like to hear about it so that we can recognize their achievements.

If you are unsure of what awards someone has, our Herald can direct you to the website that shows the Caid Order of Precedence. If you do not know who a Kingdom level award recommendation should go to, we can accept the recommendation and we will make sure it gets forwarded to the correct person.

Rejoice, Anniversary is almost here!

Long Live Dun’ Or!!


Bjorn, Baron of Dun’ Or

Roisin, Baroness of Dun’ Or"



  • Congratulations to ,and a hearty Huzzah for all those within our Populace whose Names and Arms were recently registered at Society level - and a huge "Thank You" to the incredible Eridana Ambra Dragotta for all her assistance with the submission process! If you haven't submitted -your- name and device yet, it's never too late! Check with one of our Baronial Heralds today!
  • Are you going to Potrero War this year? Want to camp with the Barony? Land Allocation is now -live- at - Just select the Barony of Dun Or from the Drop Down menu! It's so easy even Dee can do it! :) * Note: Pre-Registration is NOT necesary to request land allocation!
  • There are -many- opportunities to serve available in our Barony right now, and many offices in need of filling, or of drop dead deputies! Many of these positions require no previous experience, and are a great way to get to know others, and get more involved with the Barony! If you are interested, please contact our Baronial Seneschal Phillip or Deputy Seneschal Khalida for more information about openings, and/or how to volunteer!
  • What are Bjorn ( Michaell) and Roisin doing this weekend? Want to stalk - I mean, "keep up with" our Baron and Baroness, as they journey through Caid representing our fair Dun Or? A New Baronial Progress has been posted...and all members of the Baronial Populace are invited to accompany Their Excellencies, explore our Kingdom, and support our fellow groups!
  • Do you have a great idea for a Demo? Our chatelaine, Jacques, (Kale) is currently in the process of scheduling future group demos, and would love to hear any and all ideas, or suggestions!
  • The Barony of Dun Or has been granted the honor of hosting our Kingdom's Crown List, coming this fall! Lady Eva ( Yvonne) and Mistress Khalida have graciously stepped forward to serve as our event stewards! More information will be coming soon! How can -you- help make this Kingdom Level Event even more awesome? Stay tuned for opportunities to serve!
  • The Autocrats of Dun Or Anniversary need your help! There is an urgent need for a volunteer to help with the Opportunity Raffle Tickets! Please contact Hadassah or Torquil for more information or to lend your services!
  • Do you have a story to tell? Dun Or's Newsletter, The Tower Tales is always seeking submissions! Please contact our Chronicler , Torquill for more information!
  • The Right Nobel Griffin Freehold has issued a challenge to all of the households, war bands and fighting units of the Kingdom to Honor Baroness AEsa ( Roxanne Smalz ) memory by learning and displaying a new art by Art War 2020! Our Baron and Baroness have accepted this gauntlet, and invite others within the Barony to do the same , in honour of the Lovely Baroness Aesa.
  • Be vewwy, vewwy quiet! We're hunting Laurels - and Pelicans too - and even a stray knight or 50! Have you heard about the great 2019 Peer Hunt? Don't miss out on all the fun - check out the Laurel and Pelican In It's Piety Hunt FB pages at : and and the Chiv Page at! It's fun, easy, a great way to meet people, and yes... there -will- be prizes!!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO... WHO?!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! If you would like your name included in our Baronial Birthday Roll, to be posted in this space - please contact Ragnailt ( Dena) with the date, and month of your birth (Year unnecessary!). We'll start this monthly feature of "This Week In Dun Or" beginning in April! LET US CELEBRATE YOUR AWESOMENESS!!



March 14

Known World Ministers of Arts and Sciences Summit (Gleann Abhann)

March 16

Tanwayour Anniversary (Calafia)

March 23


March 24


March 30

Knewbie Knockabout and Greybeard Tournament (Wintermist)

April 6


April 12-14

Starkhafn Anniversary (Starkhafn)

April 14

Baron's Feast (Gyldenholt)

April 20

Al-Sahid Anniversary (Al-Sahid)

For more information about these, and other upcoming events in Caid, please see the Caid kingdom calendar at

Have a great week everyone - THANK YOU for being awesome, and sharing your awesomeness with all of us! YOU are what makes our Barony great - we really couldn't do it without YOU!

Ragnailt / Dee

*NOTE: If you have a Baronial Event/Activity that you'd like to see added to "This Week In Dun Or", please drop Dena a note with information!