Awards Recommendations

Our society is a volunteer based group of wonderful people who truly give 110% to keep these groups going. Its not just a passion but a lifestyle worthy of recognition for the work they put into keeping things fun for everyone else. We call upon you to fill out the form below and recommend those who have put in the effort to keep others going, not only fought to be the last one standing but was a true example of chivalry on the way, or took the time to detail a true medieval recreation with skill and talent.
We implore to speak up and tell us all about these wonderful individuals.

For the Kingdom Level please go to:

For the Baronial Level please go to:

We do apologize for the small font size in the form. At this time we are unable to adjust font size and style. For an easier time reading this form while filling it out please hit the keys
ctrl + + (the plus key) at the same time. (I hit it 3x's ) Tap these keys until the size is of a comfortable level for you to read. For the reverse please hit CTRL + - (plus the minus key) for the font to get smaller.

Thank You for your patience and we'll keep working to improve this form for your ease of use.