About The Baron & Baroness

Our lovely Barony is currently served by Their Excellencies Posadnik Nikolai Yaroslavich and
Posadnitsa Álfrún Úlfreksdóttir who took up the mantle on April 19th, 2014. For those interested in learning more about the preferences of Our Excellencies below you'll find helpful information. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the webmaster for help finding the correct officer to answer your questions.

Posadnik Nikolai Yaroslavich

Persona:  6th Century Eastern Slavic

Device:  Vert, on a bend sinister between two pheons argent, three gouttes palewise gules

Badge:  (Fieldless) In pale an owl conjoined by the feet to a pheon argent – Jointly with Álfrún Úlfreksdóttir

Colors:  Earth tones

Fabrics:  Linen, wool, cotton

Food likes:  Will eat almost anything, especially cured meats and cheeses, dark chocolate, bacon, spicy foods, cashews

Food dislikes:  Coconut, walnuts, sour cream, yogurt, milk chocolate

Allergies:  No known allergies

SCA interests:  Brewing, cooking, charcuterie, woodworking

Posadnitsa Álfrún Úlfreksdóttir

Persona:  6th Century Norse

Device:  Per pale azure and vert, an owl and on a chief argent, three ermine spots sable

Colors:  Earth tones, jewel tones

Fabrics:  Natural fibers

Food likes:  Dark chocolate, pistachios, cashews, almonds, coffee & tea, cheeses, most fruits & vegetables

Food dislikes:  Too much gluten

Allergies:  Gluten sensitive

SCA interests:  Brewing, inkle weaving, sewing, trichinopoly, knitting