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Squadron Introduction:

The 127th Angry Angels was initially conceived by T.C.McQueen and Dunnlang in the Star Citizen live chat.  In discussing possible player ventures, they realized that there was common ground between them.  T.C.McQueen quickly got to formalizing and advertising the squadron.

Star Citizen will be using fuel to drive the thrusters of each ship between jump points and in combat.  The 127th will operate a refueling station, strategically placed to support and extend lucrative trading routes.  We will form a safe defensive perimeter to allow customer ships the chance to refuel, repair and regroup before moving out onto the more dangerous section of a trade route.  Motorama will be the last stop for gas before the uncivilized space.

Squadron Purpose:

We aim to build a close knit group of dedicated players in our small squadron.  The core team will directly run the refueling station and manage security in the immediate area.  

Motorama will require a lot of resources and work.  We intend to hire contractors to fill empty positions.  Mercenaries can fly CAP around Motorama or escort our transport ships between Motorama and a gas giant.  We may also set clearly advertised prices for raw goods so that other players can add us to their trade routes.  Ideally we will be a step up from beginner PvE game play, but not quite as advanced as heavy PvP game play.  The 127th looks to give all players a hand up in the game.  Work with us and we will work with you.

Additional 127th Information:

  • Roles - Jobs within the 127th. Each member will be expected to fill at least one role.
  • Creed - The objectives and priorities of 127th pilots.
  • Services - Motorama sells more than just fuel.
  • Purchasing - Sell raw fuel and supplies directly to Motorama.
  • Social Media - Follow the 127th and see how active the members are.
  • Calendar - Stay up to date with 127th meetings, events and gaming sessions.

Join the 127th Angry Angels:

  • Application - Request a transfer to the 127th.
    • *Currently Closed*  The 127th is currently full at 30 members.
  • Inquiries - Contact the 127th squadron directly.


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