Univ. of Evansville

Lab History

The Dunigan Movement Analysis Lab at the university of Evansville was created through a gift from the Larry and Sharon Dunigan family in 2006 to allow university faculty and students to advance the body of knowledge related to the analysis of human movement for greater quality of life throughout the lifespan. Studies conducted in the facility have focused on injury prevention, increased movement efficiency in individuals (especially athletes), and the identification of appropriate interventions for individuals with movement dysfunction.

Jan 2011: New Lab Director

In 2011, the department hired a new lab director, Robert D. Catena, Ph.D. More on Dr. Catena's background can be found by clicking on his name under the Lab Personnel tab.

May - July 2011: Lab Move and Renovation
During the said time the lab moved into a newly renovated room that is 3x larger than the previous room. The move allows for an expansion of research possibilities.

Jan 2012: Internships
Dr. Catena has started a new lab internship program that allows students to gain experience with research in the lab. Interns learn to operate the equipment and help conduct current research projects. If they desire to enhance their skills further, they are given the opportunity to develop and conduct their own research projects.