Univ. of Evansville


The DMAL internship program started in the Spring 2012. Interns learn to research in the areas of physical performance, design, injury and rehabilitation. The first goal is to become proficient in operation of some of the most advanced biomechanical and movement analysis research equipment on the market. After an intern learns the equipment use then they will be expected to either assist in training others in equipment operations, assist in ongoing research studies and design a research project of their own.

Application process

If you wish to apply, your first objective will be to find a faculty member to oversee and sponser your activities. If you are having trouble identifying the right faculty sponsor, please email Dr. Catena (rc136@evansville.edu). 
Intern applicants may be judged on different criteria depending on sponser. All applicants should expect grading criteria to consist of:
  • Professionalism
  • Schedule coinciding with faculty sponsor
  • Research interests coinciding with faculty sponsor
  • Science and math GPA
  • GPA

Benefits to intern

  1. Experience doing research, using advanced motion analysis equipment, and grant writing
  2. Opportunity to get published and/or present at professional conferences
  3. Local and educational option for EXSS 488 credit (for EXSS majors)
  4. A forum to conduct research with UExplore grant money
  5. A forum to conduct research requirments in the Honors Program