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the web page for the players of  D&D and the worlds of the forgotten realms

This web page is related with Play By Email D&D forgotten realms games. 

The story will be played in middle August .

 But what is PBEM and how is it played? It is a Role Playing Game played through email (Play By EMail). There are some advantages and disadvantages in comparison with classical face to face RPG. Somebody may think that it is very boring and slow because players and DM exchange email messages through out the game. This is true. This is the way played, but on the other hand everything can be described in detail, every place, every person, any situation and any action. Players can take their time and prepare their characters actions. The game can be much more strategical and tactical because of time convenience that allows players to prepare in depth their actions. They have everything written and recorded all the time. Descriptions can be very impressive and detailed. Players are not limited by the distance between them, they can take part even if they prefer to stay at home a cold  and rainy day.

The game will be played using the Greek and English languages.(nai paides kala to katalavate PBEM kai apo Ellada). Adventurers have to fight with the difficult conditions of the area, the legends and something else that lives since the ancient times. Riddles, dungeons, magic, traps compose hard and dangerous labyrinths, while role playing is much more important than ever. Reality is not always as we believe to be!The story will be played in middle August .

 At this time any number of players are wanted to join the game.

Characters begin at first level. Any races and classes are permitted.

Players should send to the DM their characters, and I would like a short story of each. A simple magic object or a special weapon might be permitted, but in this occasion it should be discussed with the DM. The players should write a short story about how they found this special weapon or magic object.

The game will be played according the dungeons and dragons v.3.5 edition rules and the forgotten realms campaign settings in combination with DM's modifications.

Character creation (abilities scores) using 4d6 method. character scores as well as any  other rolls, like saves, attacks, hit points etc, will be made using the dice server  as dice roller.


 Just send  an email to dungeonmas@gmail.com  for asking further information about the games.