Quick Reference Resource Guide

This is a quick reference guide for a variety of resources that in some case span Lake, LaPorte, and Porter counties.

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CategoryOrganization namePhone numberWeb Address
CategoryOrganization namePhone numberWeb Address
Advocacy/EMERGENCY Services Department of Child Services 219-462-7555  
Advocacy/EMERGENCY Services Prevent Child Abuse 219-531-9002  
Advocacy/EMERGENCY Services Caring Place (Domestic Violence) 219-464-2128  
Child Care Porter County Step Ahead CCDF 219-531-2595  
Child Care Child Care Resource & Referral 866-582-2229  
Clothing Assistance United Churches Resale - (Duneland Resale Shop) 219-926-1404  
Clothing Assistance Presbyterian Resale Shop 219-462-4281  
Clothing Assistance The Tot Shop 219-464-9585  
Clothing Assistance Saint Paul Clothing Center 219-462-0074  
Clothing Assistance Methodist Resale Shop 219-465-1661  
Community Information http://www.lakenetnwi.net/  http://www.lakenetnwi.net/ 
Education Valparaiso University 219-464-5000  
Education Adult Education: Wheatfield, IN 219-956-3774  
Education Adult Education: Valparaiso, IN 219-462-4230  
Education Porter County Library: South Haven, IN 219-759-4474  
Education Porter County Career & Tech Education 219-531-3170  
Education Tobacco Education & Prevention 219-464-5480  
Education Purdue North Central, Westville, IN 219-462-4197 http://www.pnc.edu/ 
Education Purdue Extension Porter County 219-465-3555  
Education Porter County Education Services 219-464-9607  
Education Adult Education: Portage, IN 219-762-1020  
Education Porter County Library: Portage, IN 219-763-1508  
Education Adult Education: Chesterton, IN 219-921-0567  
Education Adult Education: Hebron, IN 219-996-9022  
Education Learning Place: Valparaiso, IN 219-464-9585  
Education Porter County Library: Valparaiso, IN 219-462-0524  
Education Porter County Library: Kouts, IN 219-766-2271  
Education Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN 219-989-2400 or 800 HI-PURDUE, x.2400 http://www.calumet.purdue.edu/ 
Education Porter County Library: Westchester Township Library: Chesterton, IN 219-926-7696  
Education Public Schools (Information) 219-464-3583  
Education Family Focus (Parenting) 800-582-4198  
Education Adult Education 800-348-7798 or 219-762-6113  
Education Porter County Library: Hebron, IN 219-886-3684  
Education Learning Place: Portgage, IN 219-763-6623  
Education IVY Tech 219-464-8514  
Education Porter County Library: Hageman Library: Town of Porter 219-926-9080  
Education Indiana University Northwest 888-968-7486  
Education Adult Education: South Haven, IN 219-762-3767  
Emergency Financial Assistance CCA/Spring Valley Shelter 219-465-1022  
Emergency Financial Assistance Porter County Aging & Community Services (Utility Help) 219-464-9736  
Emergency Financial Assistance Department of Family Resources 219-462-2112  
Emergency Financial Assistance Consumer Credit Counseling 800-982-4801  
Emergency Financial Assistance First Contact 219-462-8332  
Emergency Financial Assistance Salvation Army 219-762-9191  
Emergency Financial Assitance Social Security 219-464-1015  
Employment Vocational Rehabilitation 219-462-0521  
Employment Work One: Valparaiso, IN 219-464-0293  
Employment Opportunity Enterprises 219-464-9621 http://www.oppent.org/ 
Employment Work One: Portage, IN 219-762-6592  
Employment- for homeless men New Creation Business Advocates (Men's Center) 219-548-3548 http://WWW.NCBAI.Org 
Family Recreation Porter County Tourism 219-926-2255  
Family Recreation Girl Scouts 219-795-9640  
Family Recreation Park Department: Chesterton, IN 219-926-3000  
Family Recreation Park Deparment: Valparaiso, IN 219-462-5144  
Family Recreation YMCA: Portage, IN 219-762-9622  
Family Recreation Parks Department: Portage, IN 219-762-1675  
Family Recreation 4-H 219-465-3555 http://4-h.org/ 
Family Recreation YMCA: Duneland (Chesterton, IN) 219-926-4204  
Family Recreation Boys & Girls Club of Porter County 219-464-7282  
Family Recreation Boy Scouts 219-783-9453  
Family Recreation Indiana Dunes State Park 219-926-1952  
Family Recreation YMCA: Valparaiso, IN 219-462-4185  
Food/Nutrition WIC: Portage, IN 219-762-3185  
Food/Nutrition Meals on Wheels 219-462-5195 http://www.mowaa.org/ 
Food/Nutrition Purdue Family Nutrition Program 219-465-3555  
Food/Nutrition Food Pantries: Valparaiso 219-462-5615 or 219-462-8207  
Food/Nutrition WIC: Valparaison, IN 219-464-9220  
Food/Nutrition Food Pantries: Town of Porter, IN 219-926-1405  
Food/Nutrition Food Pantries: Chesterton, IN 219-926-1603 or 219-926-4278  
Food/Nutrition Food Pantries: Hebron, IN 219-996-2531 or 219-996-7161  
Food/Nutrition Food Pantries: Portage, IN 219-763-1061 or 219-762-4858 or 219-762-9191  
Food/Nutrition Food Pantries: Kouts, IN 219-766-2395  
Food/Nutrition Food Pantries: Boone Grove, IN 219-462-2295  
Food/Nutrition Food Pantries: Valparaiso, IN - Hilltop Area 219-531-1991  
Food Pantry Westville United Methodist Church 219-785-2314 WWW.WestvilleINUnitedMethodistChurch.Com 
GriefShare Support Group Bethlehem Lutheran Church 219-926-5596 Bethlehem Lutheran Church Chesterton, IN 46304 
Health Care/Medical Services Home Health Services/VNA 219-462-5195  
Health Care/Medical Services Step Ahead Medication Assistance 219-763-8112  
Health Care/Medical Services Northshore-Health Care Clinic 219-763-8112  
Health Care/Medical Services Porter Health Systems- Portage, IN 219-759-7241  
Health Care/Medical Services Porter County Health Department 219-465-3525 or 219-759-8239  
Health Care/Medical Services Hilltop Health Center 219-462-7173  
Health Care/Medical Services Porter Health Systems- Valparaiso, IN 219-263-4600  
Health Care/Medical Services Porter County Medical Society 219-462-5522  
Health Care/Medical Services Hoosier Rx Program (over age 65) 866-267-4679  
Housing Spring Valley (Homeless Shelter) 219-465-1022  
Housing Caring Place - (Domestic Violence) 219-464-2128  
Housing Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority  http://www.in.gov/ihcda/ 
Housing National Low Income Housing Coalition 202-662-1530 http://www.nlihc.org 
Housing National Alliance to End Homelessness 202-638-1526  http://www.endhomelessness.org/ 
Housing Housing Opportunities, Inc. 219-462-3726 WWW.Housing-Opportunities.Com 
Housing Porter County Community Services (Section 8) 219-464-9736  
Housing- Foreclosure Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network 877-GET-HOPE http://www.877gethope.org/ 
Housing- for homeless men New Creation Business Advocates (Men's Center) 219-548-3548 http://WWW.NCBAI.ORG 
Legal Services Indiana Legal Services 219-465-1937  
Legal Services Valparaiso University Law Clinic 219-465-7903  
Mental Health Porter County Family Counseling 219-464-3919  
Mental Health Porter Starke Services 219-531-3500  
Mental Health Family & Youth Services Bureau 219-464-9585  
Mental Health Mental Health America 219-462-6267  
Mental Health Samaritan Counseling: Chesterton, IN 219-926-2035  
Mental Health Samaritan Counseling: Portage, IN 219-763-1603  
Poverty Estimates U.S. Census Data 301-763-INFO (4636) or 800-923-8282 http://www.census.gov//did/www/saipe/county.html 
Pregnancy Assistance Baptist Children's Home 219-462-4111  
Pregnancy Assistance Christian Care Maternity Ministry 219-465-7777  
Pregnancy Assistance Building Blocks 219-477-4460  
Pregnancy Assistance WIC: Portage, IN  219-762-3185  
Pregnancy Assistance WIC: Valparaiso, IN 219-464-9220  
Pregnancy Assistance Porter County Health Department 219-465-3525  
Pregnancy Assistance Kirsh & Kirsh Adoption Attornies 866-469-9200  http://www.kirsh.com/ 
Pregnancy Assistance Pregnancy Assistance Center 219-477-4460  
Senior Services Village Park- Banta Center 219-462-1301  
Senior Services Bonner Senior Center 219-762-1522  
Senior Services Porter County Community Services, Inc. 219-464-9736  
Senior Services Saint Agnes Day Service Center 219-477-5433  
Services for Challenged Tradewinds 219-949-4000  
Services for Challenged Opportunity Enterprises 219-464-9621 http://www.oppent.org/ 
Services for Challenged Deaf Services 219-769-6506 or TDD at 219-769-8912  
Services for Challenged All About Kids (Birth to 3 years) 219-462-0786  
Services for Challenged Respite Care 219-531-8003  
Services for Challenged Kidworks 219-983-9675  
Services for Challenged First Steps of North West Indiana 800-387-7837  
Services for Challenged Jacobs Ladder 219-764-4888  
Social service programs United Way - LaPorte County 219-362-6256 http://WWW.UnitedWayLPC.Org 
Social service programs United Way - Lake Area 219-923-2302 http://WWW.LAUW.ORG 
Social service programs United Way - Porter County 219-464-3583 http://WWW.UniteWayPC.Org 
Social service programs- for homeless men New Creation Business Advocates (Men's Center) 219-548-3548 http://WWW.NCBAI.Org 
State Health Insurance Assistance Program LaPorte County- Michigan City Senior Care 219-873-1504  
State Health Insurance Assistance Program Lake County- Saint Margaret Mercy- Hammond 219-933-2100  
State Health Insurance Assistance Program Lake County- Saint Margaret Mercy- Dyer 219-864-2653  
State Health Insurance Assistance Program Lake County- Saint Catherine Hospital 219-392-7777  
State Health Insurance Assistance Program Lake County- Saint Anthony Medical Center 219-864-2653  
State Health Insurance Assistance Program Porter County- Porter County Community Services, Inc. 219-464-1028  
State Health Insurance Assistance Program LaPorte County- LaPorte Hospital and Health Services 219-326-2338  
Substance Abuse Recovery and Treatment Frontline Foundations, Inc. 219-728-1638 http://WWW.FrontlineFoundations.Com/ 
Support Service- Family support/parenting Healthy Families 219-763-6623  
Support Service- Family support/parenting Family Focus 800-582-4198  
Support Service- Family support/parenting Family & Youth Service Bureau 219-464-9585  
Support Service- Family support/parenting Community Partners 800-897-0007  
Township Trustees Washington 219-531-0050  
Township Trustees Jackson 219-926-8270  
Township Trustees Center 219-462-0810  
Township Trustees Liberty 219-926-3764  
Township Trustees Portage 219-762-1623  
Township Trustees Pine 219-874-6531  
Township Trustees Union 219-464-2292  
Township Trustees Morgan 219-733-9965  
Township Trustees Boone 219-996-7121  
Township Trustees Westchester 219-926-1405  
Township Trustees Pleasant 219-766-3216  
Township Trustees Porter 219-988-4444  
Transporation V-Line Bus 219-476-9393  
Transportation Porter County Association for Handicapped Children & Adults 219-464-7382  
Transportation Call-A-Ride (Boone Township ONLY) 219-996-7433  
Transportation Porter County Aging & Community Service 219-464-9736  
Transportation Opportunity Enterprises 219-464-9621 http://www.oppent.org/ 
Showing 156 items