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    Dunedin High School is located in Dunedin, Florida, and was first opened in 1961.  The school embraced the Scottish heritage of the city, and became widely known for having an outstanding performing arts program that incorporated the Scottish Arts.  Today, this Pinellas County school proudly upholds the tradition of excellence established over 50 years ago.  The Instrumental Music Department at DHS has expanded to include a jazz ensemble, percussion ensemble, and a concert orchestra in addition to the symphonic wind bands, pipe bands, and iconic Scottish Highlander Marching Band.

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  • Solo and Ensemble Results
    Congratulations to all students who performed! Dunedin High School was well represented at this event, and many students will be traveling to the State level in late March.

    This year, the Pinellas County Music Educators Association asked the adjudicators to nominate performances from around the county as "Critics' Choices." These performances will then be asked to perform at important district events, such as School Board meetings, the annual Legislative Breakfast, and more. Two of our ensembles were nominated and have been noted with a "**".

    Grade 3
    • Kiernan Adams - Tuba Solo: Superior 

    Grade 4
    • Erika Brewer - Bass Clarinet Solo: Superior
    • Hunter Welch - Timpani Solo: Excellent
    • Julia Hodge and Trinity Pifer - Flute Duet: Superior
    • **Ken Beaty, Brady Helms, Jarod Jones, Andrew Lunder - Trombone Quartet: Superior
    • Brass Choir - Brady Helms (conductor), Matt Herrada, Morgan Laughlin, Jerald Benz, Nick McIntosh, Jacob Sprague, Wesley Finch, Jarod Davis, Ken Beaty, Jared Jones, Andrew Lunder, Jacob Fox: Superior

    Grade 5
    • Erin King - Mallet Solo: Superior
    • Jacob Sprague - Horn Solo: Excellent
    • Emma Quinn and Molly Quinn - Mallet Duet: Superior
    • Cameron Ehmig and Reed Harvin - Multi-Percussion Duet: Superior
    • Emma Quinn and Ian Currie - Mallet Duet: Superior
    • Jacob Fox and Kyle Waters - Tuba Duet: Superior
    • Ally Bauer and Tasha Deal - Flute Duet: Superior
    • Tristan Freyer, Joel Lopez-Espino, Jared Roldan, Brandon Schwab - Saxophone Quartet: Superior
    • Adrien Carrasquillo, Avery Gumto, Spenser Frierson, Joey Wallace - Saxophone Quartet: Superior
    • Wesley Finch, Matt Herrada, Morgan Laughlin, Justin Sokolowski - Trumpet Quartet: Excellent
    • Clarinet Choir - Erika Brewer, Tristan Briller, Tatiana Giron, James Gray, Mike Harris, Billy Irle, Jenna Laughlin, Jacob Massotto, Kate Milligan, Lexi Miller, Joey Wallace, Hannah Wyllie: Superior
    • Woodwind Choir - Ally Bauer, Erika Brewer, Tristan Briller, Rebekah Brouillette, Kirsten Deal, Tasha Deal, James Gray, Jenna Laughlin, Joel Lopez-Espino, Kate Milligan, Lexi Miller, Brandon Schwab, Michelle Wilson: Superior
    • **Percussion Choir - Nick Bremer, Rebekah Brouillette, Skylar Campbell, Ian Curire, Victoria Deveaux, Cameron Ehmig, Jason Goldstein, Reed Harvin, Laz Herrada, Erin King, Sydney Lim, Emma Quinn, Molly Quinn, D.J. Street, Hunter Welch: Superior

    Grade 6
    • Tasha Deal - Flute Solo: Superior
    • Jenna Laughlin - Clarinet Solo: Superior
    • Kirsten Deal, Mike Harris, Jacob Massotto, Brandon Schwab - Saxophone Quartet: Superior

    Grade 7
    • Jacob Massotto - Alto Saxophone Solo: Excellent

    • Madison McCraney - Saber Solo: Superior
    • Destiny Swainston - Dance Solo: Superior
    • Ryann Duff - Flag Solo: Excellent
    • Jasmine Dell - Flag Solo: Excellent
    • Jasmine Dell - Rifle Solo: Excellent
    • Faith Gabbard - Flag Solo: Excellent
    • Autumn Giacchina - Dance Solo: Excellent
    • Madelyn Gogola - Rifle Solo: Excellent
    • Ryann Duff, Madison McCraney, Faith Gabbard, Jasmine Dell, Destiny Swainston, Savannah Graff - Color Guard: Superior
    • Jasmine Dell, Ryann Duff, Faith Gabbard, Autumn Giacchina, Madelyn Gogola, Savannah Graff, Sharlee Norquest, Sarah Sook, Madison McCraney, Destiny Swainston, Callie O'Brien - Highland Dancers: Excellent
    Posted Feb 23, 2015, 3:12 AM by ianmhblack
  • Sarasota Highland Games Results

    Band Results

    • Grade 5 - 6th place
    • Grade 4 - 1st Place!



    • Autumn G.: 1st Fling, 3rd Seann Triubhas, 1st Lilt
    • Faith G .: 5th Fling, 5th Sword, 4th Seann Triubhas, 4th Lilt
    • Lily A.:  4th Fling, 2nd Sword, 2nd Seann Triubhas, 3rd Lilt
    • Madison M.: 3rd Fling, 5th Seann Triubhas, 2nd Lilt


    • Destiny S.: 3rd Fling, 4th Seann Triubhas, 3rd Flora
    • Jasmine D.: 4th Fling, 4th Sword, 3rd Flora


    • Madelyn G.: 2nd Fling, 2nd Seann Triubhas, 1st Hornpipe


    Amateur Bass

    • Molly Q.: 1st, Amateur Bass of the Day

    Grade 4 Snare

    • Hunter W.: 2nd March

    Grade 3 Snare

    • Cameron E.: 5th 2/4 March
    • Ian C.: 4th 2/4 March
    • Joeseph W.: 1st 6/8 March, 2nd 2/4 March, Grade 3 Drummer of the Day

    Grade 2 Snare

    • DJ S.: 1st 2/4 March, 1st 6/8 March, Grade 2 Drummer of the Day

    Amateur Tenor II

    • Taylor C.: 1st 2/4 March, Amateur Tenor II of the Day

    Amateur Tenor I

    • Rebekah B.: 1st MSR, Amateur Tenor I of the Day


    Grade 4

    • Jacob M.: 1st Piobaireachd, 4th March, Grade 4 Piper of the Day
    • Jaice C.: 1st March
    • John H.: 3rd March
    • Michael H: 2nd March

    Grade 3

    • Carlos S.: 3rd Piobaireachd, 6th March
    • Emma B: 2nd Piobaireachd, 2nd March, 6th Strathspey & Reel

    Grade 2

    • James G.: 1st March, 3rd Strathspey & Reel
    • Kirsten D.: 2nd  Piobaireachd, 3rd March, 1st Strathspey & Reel, Grade 2 Piper of the Day
    Posted Feb 3, 2015, 3:46 PM by ianmhblack
  • UPDATE! Alumni For Homecoming Game
    Shirts have arrived, music is copied, and we're doing our best to make sure you have an instrument (if you requested one).  We are out of tenor/baritone saxes, however.  We do have extra shirts for sale for folks who signed up late, but we may run out of your size!

    Music is available in the following DropBox links:

    • Please arrive no later than 6:30, if possible. We would love to have you march into the stadium with us, and arriving early ensures you have time to get reacquainted with your instrument! 
    • Pre game will start at 7:15pm.  
    • T-shirts are $12 dollars.  Checks can be made payable to DHS Band Boosters.
    • Entry Fee to the Game is $6.  If you arrive early, you shouldn't have to pay parking.  However, parking is $5 dollars.
    • We will make sure you have a meal ticket to be presented at the concession stand for a free hamburger or hot dog, chips, and a drink.
    If you have any questions, please email Mr. Ian Black at blacki@pcsb.org.  

    Real Alumni Wore Kilts!

    Posted Sep 24, 2014, 8:47 AM by ianmhblack
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