Who is Researching Who?

This idea originally came from Loreen Farley in an email of 24 January 2001.    It might help other researchers who don't know where their William, John, Moses, James or Henry came from.  I have correlated some data that has evolved over the 10 years of the Dundas Rootsweb Project.

See the attachment below in MS Excel.  Note the color code grouping thus far has been done by historical documentation.  Additional color matches are occurring based upon DNA marker matches.
Green  = William Dundass of Aghamullen, b. 1773
Yellow = John Dundass of Aghamullen, b. 1776
Blue    =  Moses Dundas of Aghamullen, b. 1778
Orange= Bolusty line of Henry, b.1780 , William, b. 1780 and James, b. 1807
Some additional coding:
INISH = Inishmacsaint Parish
DEV =   Devenish Parish
CH  = Church Hill (Upper Inishmacsaint)
AGH = Aghamullen, aka Aghameelin (Upper Inishmacsaint)
ROS = Roscor (Lower Inishmacsaint)
BOL = Bolusty (Lower Inishmacsaint)

You may view the Excel .xls file below with detailed info, or the abbreviated Adobe pdf file by clicking below.  If you find errors or incomplete data please send me an email:  wjbarbernh @ gmail.com
Bill Barber,
Aug 17, 2009, 5:35 PM
Bill Barber,
Aug 17, 2009, 5:35 PM