The Orange Lodge

While driving West from Drumcrow West by Bolusty More, Sruhanure and Drumbad, toward Roscor and Belleek, my cousin pointed out a small building set back to the south of A46.  He said that was the Orange Lodge.  I do not have much more information about it, but it must have figured centrally in the lives of all the nearby Dundas families. 

Here is one example of that life in the middle of the 19th century, a scroll that Janet Elson of Bridgewater, South Australia had inherited from her father, Jack Dundas Elson.  His mother was Eva Sarah Dundas, born in Gladesville, Sydney, 5th October 1876.   Her father, William Dundas (born April 1845), who immigrated to Parramatta, Sydney, NSW and married Anne Marie Whiteman of Adelaide 27 December 1875, is named in the scroll.  

Here are the words and photo:

Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1528

  We do hereby certify, that the bearer hereof, Brother
  William Dundas was regularly Initiated into
  the Orange Mysteries in the above Lodge, in the Kingdom
  of Ireland on the 8 day of June 1865 and during
  his stay with us,proved himself to be a worthy Brother,
  and as such, we recommend him to all true Orange-men
  round the Globe. In Testimony of which, we have --
  affixed our Names and Seal unto the Colours he is
  Entitled to wear, in Honor of the Glorious and
  Immortal Memory of KING WILLIAM the III.
  Prince of Orange, 1690. O S. Given Under our hands
  and seal, of our Lodge in our Lodge Room at
  Drumbad this 25th Day of August 1865

  Noah Dundas  Master
  James Dundas  D. Master
  Alexander Robinson Secretary
  Noah Dundass Treafurer

Photo Courtesy of Janet Elson, Bridgewater, South Australia, 2010

The Orange Lodge.  Photo by Bill Barber, September 2011
According to my cousin, Barber Gregg, the Orange Hall was last used about 1976 when it was used for a birthday party.