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Dundas Castle

This is the home of the Dundas of Dundas located in So. Queensferry, Midlothian, west of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Photo by Connie Sanders
Dundas Castle Sundial and Fountain, Built in 1623

This inscription was written on the fountain and sundial in the grounds
at Dundas Castle, built by Sir Walter Dundas (18th Laird) in 1623
when he was age 61:
"Whosoever thou art who comest hither, we, so many half-fiendish spectres,
are placed here lately by order expressly for bugbears to the bad, so that
the hideous show their visages, lest any meddling evil-disposed person
should put forth his hand on the dial or garden. We warn robbers to depart,
burglars to desist; nothing here is prey for plunderers. For the pleasure
and enjoyment of spectators are all these placed here, but we, who rather
laugh with joyous front, to a free sight we bid frankly the kind and welcome
friends to the host. Boldly use every freedom, with the master, the dial,
the garden and with the garden-beds and couches - him for a friendship and
conversation, them for the recreation of the mind and thought. With
ordinary things to content us here is to be even with others - we envy not
their better things."
There is a tradition that Sir Walter built this dial in 1623, through some
feeling of disappointment at having missed purchasing the barony of
Barnougle, which was secured by the Earl of Haddington.

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