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Team Sensory Overload.  The game is pitched as a hardcore first person shooter with wall walking and a unique 360 degree camera.  We have a large group of 15 people with mix disciplines of producers, artist, tech artist, and engineers.  The prototype shown already had a shaky wall walking mechanic and a 360 degree camera that made everyone nauseated.  I am curious to where we can iterate and take this project forward.  

Our main focus is to get a working multiplayer game where players can see each other and move around.  Since I have no networking experience and some of the other engineers do I took the task of creating a weapons system.  I am designing a dynamic system where in one text file you can create new weapons and tweak values without touching code.

As of now I have the basics of the system into the game.  Talking to our network engineer I need to add some more code into my steam to allow bullets on the server.  As GDC quickly approaches we have been focusing on getting a build running to show.
Some Concept character design:


GDC was a blast.  Hard to come back from something like that and keep your focus on your own little project.  The first week back we decided to update our engine to the newest version (which happen to drop at GDC), updating to Unity 5.0 did break our game.  This was expected and put into our sprint.  It took us the entire week to get everything updated, and working on everyone’s computer.

We haven’t iterated much.  We were able to get networking basics into the game.  The game now has players running around a simple un-textured level with bullets flying.  We just started to get the health system and a simple HUD system into the game. 

After many design talks wall walking has been taken out and not something at this moment we are looking forward to continue with.  As of now our camera is causing many problems (we are using six cameras stitched together which means everything is being rendered six times) and we are looking to rewrite a new camera hopefully to speed up processing.  If this doesn’t work out then our game can only be ran on higher end machines.
Character Design is heading more towards cartoon animals:


I was contacted from a major game company for a code test.  I was given a week to complete this test.  I have talked to my group and told them I won’t be able to take on any more tasks this week.  Without going into too many details about the test I had to learn new areas that I have never programmed in before.  I had to create a RESTful API to manage accounts and account information.  After doing research and talking to my professors for a starting point I taught myself PHP, and JavaScript over a weekend.  So what did my code do?  The basics, I have a database that is connected to a server (PHP code), to access the server I create a web client (JavaScript) which sends GET, POST, DELETE messages to my server and returns JSON data back.  The web client parses the data and returns the data to the user in a readable way.  Here is a link to the API :
I also forgot to mention that my code had to be live which means I also needed to learn how to public a local web development system.  All in all I came away from the experience knowing a lot more then I went in.


Our game is coming along.  We have a new level now, but it crashed the whole build so we are looking into that.  Our EAE day is coming up where we showcase what we are working on to the public.  Our main focus is to get a working on-line build.  As of now multiplayer is in (still not perfect and we might need to look into a better third party network system), bullets are in, two test weapons are in, players can be killed and respawn.  Most of the basics are in, we just need to polish what we have and get the art into the game as well.  I am not sure what the art team has been doing and I have yet to see any of the updated art assets.  Seeing how for EAE day we are sticking to a single gun with no reloading I can start to focus on talking to the art team and see what I can do to get the assets and polish into the game.
Because this doesn't look good - Even if it is funny:


EAE day, our game showed well.  Most of the people on the thesis panel played our current build and were impressed with the new camera and play.  This gives us support that we are on the way to something fun and exciting.  I was able to talk with the art team and get the current weapon model, texture into the game.  I was also able to get particles and effects into the game as well.  Now when you shoot there is a muzzle flare, particle sparks, an electric bullet, and an explosion where ever a collision occurred.  With all that and the good press we got from EAE our current build isn’t perfect.

It seems our network plug-in (Bolt) that we are using has a flaw.  After playing our game for a set amount of time Bolt breaks and gives an error message ‘input queue is full’ this allows the player to continue playing for a few more minutes before bullets stop working all together.  The only solution we have for this at the time is to disconnect from the game and restart.

There isn’t much more our team plans on doing before summer break.  We have talked much about what needs to get done and what tasks people want to work on.  Since I won’t be around this summer I won’t have much time to devote until I get back.  I am excited to see where our game is heading, what good information we can use from EAE day.