Your First Visit/Consultation

You will be asked to come to the clinic fifteen minutes before your first appointment so that a patient file can be prepared.  You will then see the chiropractor, who will take a thorough account of your complaint, and your medical and trauma history. 
At this point, unless something you have reported makes the chiropractor feel you should be referred to another healthcare professional, the chiropractor will carry out a neurological and orthopaedic examination relevant to your complaint to arrive at a diagnosis.
Before any treatment is carried out, the chiropractor will explain his diagnosis to you in detail, and will describe the treatment course recommended.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions.
Infrequently, the chiropractor may feel further investigation is required before treatment can be undertaken, in which case the chiropractor will ask you to see your General Practioner or appropriate other healthcare professional.  This might involve the need for x-rays, or perhaps other investigations such as blood tests or scans to rule out suspected non-musculoskeletal causes.  If you have existing x-rays these can be aquired from the NHS.
In most cases, however, following the explanation of the diagnosis and proposed treatment , the chiropractor, with your consent, will carry out your first treatment at the time of your initial consultation.