Dunbar History Museum
Mission Statement


"The Dunbar WI History Museum seeks to understand the past choices, the present circumstances, and the future possibilities for the Town of Dunbar.  The Museum will bond the Community with its collection and educational focus.  The Museum will express purpose, vision for the future, and value its beliefs."

The old Dunbar Town Hall depicted here has been preserved, remodeled and is being outfitted with a little of Dunbar, Wisconsin's history since the 1800's. We are still in the process of archiving artifacts and taking historical and monetary donations. To donate contact the Museum Curator Andre' Gazal, Ph D. at

Our hopes is to open the Museum to the public in late summer or fall of 2018.

If a monetary gift is given, please make your check out to "Dunbar Town Museum" care of the town clerk at N18956 CC Camp Road, Dunbar, WI  54119.