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"The Town of Dunbar is Committed to the Expansion of Broadband throughout the township to provide our Businesses and Citizenry access to the World Wide Web at speeds between 10 Mbps and Above. Disparities in broadband availability can mean disparities in economic growth, educational opportunities, community vitality, public health and safety, and diminishes the quality of our life here in Dunbar. Broadband is an integral part of the equation for success in today's standards and the Town of Dunbar is committed to partnering with CenturyLink to expand their coverage here in Dunbar and improve our economic future."

Our Towns contact for Broadband is:

Harry C. Sokel, Town Chairman
N18956 CC Camp Road
Dunbar, WI  54119
Ph (715) 324-6132
Fax: (715) 324-6131

State of Wisconsin                                         County of Marinette



Town of Dunbar







An ordinance to create Chapter [22.20]; relating to approval of broadband network projects.


The Town of Dunbar does hereby enact as follows:


Chapter 1


Broadband Network Project Applications




Purpose and policy-


The purpose of this chapter is to encourage the development of broadband access in the Town of Dunbar by reducing administrative obstacles to broadband service providers and coordinating the review of applications to ensure such applications are timely processed.  This chapter shall at all times be construed consistent with the aforestated purpose.


Definitions- In this chapter:


(1) “Applicant” means a person applying for a permit for a broadband network project.

(2) “Broadband network project” means the construction or deployment of wireline or wireless communications facilities to provide broadband communications services in the Town of Dunbar.

(3) “Permit” means any local permit, license, certificate, approval, registration, or similar

form of approval required by policy, administrative rule, regulation, ordinance, or resolution with respect to a broadband network project.

(4) “Written” or “in writing” means information that is inscribed on a tangible medium or

that is stored in an electronic or other intangible medium and is retrievable in perceivable form.


Point of contact-


The Town of Dunbar shall appoint a single point of contact for all

matters related to a broadband network project.  The Town of Dunbar shall provide on its public website the contact information, including the e-mail address, for the point of contact authorized to receive a broadband network project applications.




An applicant may sign and file all forms, applications and documentation related to a broadband network project electronically.




Notwithstanding any other provision in the Town of Dunbar ordinances, resolutions, regulations, policies or practices to the contrary, the following process shall apply exclusively upon receiving a broadband network project application:


Completeness review.


Upon receiving a broadband network project application the Town of Dunbar shall:


(1) Determine whether an application is complete and notify the applicant of the

determination by the Town of Dunbar in writing within 10 calendar days of receiving an

application.  If the Town of Dunbar does not notify the applicant in writing of its completeness determination within 10 calendar days of receiving the application, the application shall be considered complete.


(2) If the Town of Dunbar determines that an application is not complete, the written notification to the applicant shall specify in detail the required information that is not complete.  The applicant may resubmit an application as often as necessary until the application is complete.


Approval or denial of complete applications-


(1) Within 60 calendar days of receiving an application that is complete, or considered

complete under sub. (1), the Town of Dunbar shall approve or deny the application and provide the applicant written notification of the approval or denial.  If the Town of Dunbar does not notify the applicant of its approval or denial within 60 calendar days of receiving a complete application, the application shall be considered approved and any required permit shall be considered issued.


(2) If the Town of Dunbar denies an application, the written notification of the denial under sub. (1) shall include evidence that the denial is not arbitrary and capricious.




Any fee imposed by the Town of Dunbar to review an application, issue a permit, or perform any other activity related to a broadband network project shall be reasonable.  An application fee that exceeds $100 is unreasonable.




The treatment of this ordinance first applies to applications received by the Town of Dunbar on or after the effective date of this ordinance.




This ordinance takes effect on the day after publication.




Adopted this 14th day of March, 2017.  


Town of Dunbar Town Board, Marinette County, State of Wisconsin.



By:      ___________________________                

            Harry C. Sokel, Chairperson  




David White, Supervisor




            Joseph Stoll, Supervisor                                             





Sue Ann Rohde Perry, Clerk/Treasurer