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Sitting at a Headquarters Field Desk that

he made, Tim Dunavin does a re-enactment

of a WWII photo of Marine Major General

Vandegrift at Guadalcanal

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If you have tried to purchase wood lately, you will have suffered "sticker shock"! Same here! Sorry to report that, for the first time in years, I am increasing my prices. Most items by 10%, a few no price increase, and a few by more. Sometimes I have orders for tapered field table legs. I've had to increase a set from $40 to $75. As with all changes, errors happen. PLEASE NOTE: If the price listed here doesn't match the cart price, the cart price is the real one.

I am sorry to report that we can NO longer accept any orders outside the U.S. or Canada! Those orders that are still on the books will be filled, however.

Too many complaints of high shipping costs and my efforts to safely pack product causes additional costs. Not to mention the post office does not accept any package over 70 pounds. Shipping such can cost nearly $1000 each!

We have had many visitors to this web site from England and the rest of Europe. Thank you for your interest. We have also had some request for shipping data

from our European friends. It seems to be very expensive to ship our large items over seas, and recently we have been able to find another vendor with some of the same products in England - WWII Boxes. Martin Lake and I are working together to make some of his products available here in the States too.

We now have a German Field Desk, and Panzerschreck Ammo Box w/4322 ammo, as well as Schemels - see the German Field Equipment (Tischlerei Donnemann) page.

While continuing to look for better ways to serve, we sometimes come across a new product. We are pleased to announce a German Enigma Box

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Dunavin Woodsmith

Tim Dunavin

616 E. 7th St

Rock Falls, Ill. 61071

Table, Folding Legs, Field 7105-00-269-9275

24x36 plywood top, red oxide primer, O.D. semi gloss paint. Fully stenciled on bottom.

$137.50 Wt. 25 pounds

Baker’s Table, Folding Legs, Field


30x48 plywood top, red oxide primer O.D. semi gloss paint. Fully stenciled on bottom.

27 or 33 inch legs. Wt. 38 pounds

Note: These tables are smaller than the original Bakers table, which was 35 x 70.

Can be better handled than the original and still provide the service that you need.


This table is a copy of the original WWII Canadian field table. 24 x 36 top,

with a table height of 28 ¼ inches. Stained and varnished throughout. Mortise and tenon construction.

$135.50 Wt. 21 pounds

Folding Camp Table (German Field Table)


24 x 36 solid wood top with tapered legs (2 sides). Fully stenciled on bottom.

$175 25 pounds

When this table is painted in the German color RAL 6006, it is a German Field table.

Bulletin Board, with “Officer of the Day”

Removeable shingles (2 provided, but names and ranks must be included in order).

Additional shinges - $15.00

Cork on one side only


Other head board stencils available upon request.

Such as: 509 IPR , 101ST AB, or 303rd BG (H)

Note: Because of the size of the packing, shipping will be at least $130

7' x 3' x 3" to most parts of the country