Hello and welcome to Golden-Esque's dump bucket of stuff! You were no doubt lured here with promises of candy, cookies, and world peace.
Well, I hate to break it to you, but this is the INTERNET. There is no candy, the cookies are a lie, and world peace ... yeah, good luck with that one.
Anyway, what IS here is Golden-Esque's collection of PDFs on stuff he's decently happy with. As of right now, the Dump Bucket only supports 
Golden-Esque's  adventures with martial abilities, but I'm fairly certain that you'll see the rest of his system coming along as he writes it. What?
You're going to complain that it's not done already? Well YOU try completely reworking combat mechanics while you're working on your teaching 
certification! It ain't easy, friend! 

Needless to say, you are more then welcome to view or download these files for your viewing pleasure. Golden-Esque wouldn't have gone through all
the trouble of making them look so nice, neat, and pretty if he didn't want people to use them (he's not a dragon, to my displeasure). If I'm not mistaken, 
the link to this site will be available in several places. First and foremost is the Giantitp site, in his signature. Second will be on the Competitor Games site, 
also in his signature. Finally, there will be copy of the link in the Scrolls of Reshar subforum (and any other subforusm that may or may not be born). Of
course, you cannot access this site without that link! It's the sad truth, if you don't use the link, you're not coming here. Period. So don't lose that link, 
or you'll be the laughing stock of all your friends. Like I am for having to manage this site for Golden-Esque. 

Anyways, I've kept you long enough. Eh? How does it FEEL, smoothskin? Knowing that I've wasted precious minutes of your life that you'll NEVER GET BACK!
In a sense, it's almost like I killed you. Heh, where's my XP? If I get enough levels in Barbarian, I should be able to resist Golden-Esque's nonlethal backjack attacks 
and can finally EXTRACT MY REVENGE! No ... wait ... I was only kidding! Stop, STOP! No, wait! What are you doing with that Merciful Vorpal Greatsword?! NOOOOO!

Yours Truly, 

Gobbs, the Dump Bucket Goblin 

P.S. - You can access the various files using the sidebar to the left. ~ G.-E.