9.5 The All knowing Oracle
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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      One other thing you can do through e-mail is consult with the
Usenet Oracle.  You can ask the Oracle anything at all and get back an
answer (whether you like the answer is another question).
      First, you'll want to get instructions on how to address the Oracle
(he, or she, or it, is very particular about such things and likes being
addressed in august, solemn and particularly sycophantic tones).  Start
an e-mail message to
      In the "subject:" line, type
and hit enter.  You don't actually have to say anything in the message
itself -- at least not yet.  Hit control-D to send off your request
for help.  Within a few hours, the Oracle will mail you back detailed
instructions.  It's a fairly long file, so before you start reading
it, turn on your communications software's logging function, to save
it to your computer (or save the message to a file on your host system's
home directory and then download the file).  After you've digested it,
you can compose your question to the Oracle.  Mail it to the above
address, only this time with a subject line that describes your
question.  Expect an answer within a couple of days. And don't be
surprised if you also find a question in your mailbox -- the Oracle
extracts payment by making seekers of knowledge answer questions as