8.4 Some Interesting Gophers
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     There are now hundreds of gopher sites around the world.  What
follows is a list of some of them.  Assuming your site has a gopher
"client" installed, you can reach them by typing

     gopher sitename

at your command prompt. Can't find what you're looking for? Remember to
use veronica to look up categories and topics!


cyfer.esusda.gov         More agricultural statistics and regulations
                         most people will ever need.       

usda.mannlib.cornell.edu More than 140 different types of agricultural
                         data, most in Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet format.


saimiri.primate.wisc.edu Information on primates and animal-welfare


libra.arch.umich.edu     Maintains online exhibits of a variety of
                         architectural images.


marvel.loc.gov           The Library of Congress runs several online
                         "galleries" of images from exhibits at the
                         library.  Many of these pictures, in GIF or JPEG
                         format, are HUGE, so be careful what you get
                         first. Exhibits include works of art from the
                         Vatican, copies of once secret Soviet documents
                         and pictures of artifacts related to Columbus's
                         1492 voyage. At the main menu, select 2 and then

galaxy.ucr.edu           The California Museum of Photography maintains its
                         own online galery here.  At the main menu,
                         select "Campus Events," then "California
                         Museum of Photography," then "Network Ex-


cast0.ast.cam.ac.uk      A gopher devoted to astronomy, run by the
                         Institute of Astronomy and the Royal Greenwich
                         Observatory, Cambridge, England.


bigcat.missouri.edu      You'll find detailed federal census data for
                         communities of more than 10,000 people, as well
                         as for states and counties here.  At the main
                         menu, select "Reference and Information Center,"
                         then "United States and Missouri Census
                         Information" and "United States Census."


wuarchive.wustl.edu      Dozens of directories with software for all sorts
                         of computers.  Most programs have to be
                         "un-compressed" before you can use them.

sumex-aim.stanford.edu   A similar type of system, with the emphasis on
                         Macintosh programs and files.


val-dor.cc.buffalo.edu   The Cornucopia of Disability Information carries
                         numerous information resources on disability issues
                         and links to other disability-related services.

ecosys.drdr.virginia.edu Copies of Environmental Protection Agency
                         factsheets on hundreds of chemicals, searchable
                         by keyword.  Select "Education" and then
                         "Environmental fact sheets."

envirolink.org           Dozens of documents and files related to
                         environmental activism around the world.


spider.ento.csiro.au     All about creepy-crawly things, both the good
                         and the bad ones.


gopher.stolaf.edu        Select "Internet Resources" and then "Weather
                         and geography" for information on recent


marvel.loc.gov           Run by the Library of Congress, this site
                         provides numerous resources, including access
                         to the Library card catalog and all manner of
                         information about the U.S. Congress.

gopher.lib.umich.edu     Wide variety of government information, from
                         Congressional committee assignments to economic
                         statistics and NAFTA information.
ecix.doc.gov             Information on conversion of military
                         installations to private uses.

sunsite.unc.edu          Copies of current and past federal budgets can
                         be found by selecting "Sunsite archives," then
                         "Politics," then "Sunsite politcal science

wiretap.spies.com        Documents related to Canadian government can be
                         found in the "Government docs" menu.       

stis.nih.gov             Select the "Other U.S. government gopher
                         servers" for access to numerous other federal


odie.niaid.nih.gov       National Institutes of Health databases on AIDS,
                         in the "AIDS related information" menu.

helix.nih.gov            For National Cancer Institute factsheets on
                         different cancers, select "Health and clinical
                         information" and then "Cancernet information."

nysernet.org             Look for information on breast cancer in the
                         "Special Collections: Breast Cancer" menu.

welchlink.welch.jhu.edu  This is Johns Hopkins University's medical


                         See under Art.


gopher.lib.umich.edu     Home to several guides to Internet resources
                         in specific fields, for example, social
                         sciences.  Select "What's New & Featured
                         Resources" and then "Clearinghouse."

jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il This Israeli system offers numerous documents
                         on Israel and Jewish life.


gopher.ncc.go.jp         Look in the "Japan information" menu for
                         documents related to Japanese life and culture.


mtv.com                  Run by Adam Curry, an MTV video jock, this site
                         has music news and Curry's daily "Cybersleaze"
                         celebrity report.


ucmp1.berkeley.edu       The University of California at Berkeley's
                         Museum of Paleontology runs several online
                         exhibits here. You can obtain GIF images of
                         plants and animals from the "Remote Nature" menu.
                         The "Origin of the Species" menu lets you read
                         Darwin's work or search it by keyword.


culine.colorado.edu      Look up schedules for teams in various professional
                         sports leagues here, under "Professional Sports


wx.atmos.uiuc.edu        Look up weather forecasts for North America or
                         bone up on your weather facts.