6.8 FYI
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     The Usenet newsgroups alt.internet.services and alt.bbs.internet
can provide pointers to new telnet systems.  Scott Yanoff periodically
posts his "Updated Internet Services List" in the former.   The
alt.bbs.internet newsgroup is also where you'll find Aydin Edguer's
compendium of FAQs related to Internet bulletin-board systems.                
     Peter Scott, who maintains the Hytelnet database, runs a
mailing list about new telnet services and changes in existing ones.  
To get on the list, send him a note at scott@sklib.usask.ca.
     Gleason Sackman maintains another mailing list dedicated to new
Internet services and news about the new uses to which the Net is being
put.  To subscribe, send a message to listserv@internic.net. Leave the
"subject:" line blank, and as your message, write: Sub net-happenings
Your Name.