4.8 When Things Go Wrong
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     * When you start up rn, you get a "warning" that "bogus
newsgroups" are present. 
     Within a couple of minutes, you'll be asked whether to keep these or
delete them.  Delete them.  Bogus newsgroups are newsgroups that your
system administrator or somebody else has determined are no longer
     * While in a newsgroup in rn, you get a message: "skipping
unavailable article." 
     This is usually an article that somebody posted and then decided to
     *  You upload a text file to your Unix host system for use in a
Usenet message or e-mail, and when you or your recipient reads the file,
every line ends with a ^M.
     This happens because Unix handles line endings differently than MS-
DOS or Macintosh computers.  Most Unix systems have programs to convert
incoming files from other computers. To use it, upload your file and
then, at your command line, type

     dos2unix filename filename  or

     mac2unix filename filename

depending on which kind of computer you are using and where filename is
the name of the file you've just uploaded.  A similar program can prepare
text files for downloading to your computer, for example:

     unix2dos filename filename  or
     unix2mac filename filename

will ensure that a text file you are about to get will not come out
looking odd on your computer.