3.8 Cross Posting
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     Sometimes, you'll have an issue you think should be discussed in
more than one Usenet newsgroup.  Rather than posting individual messages
in each group, you can post the same message in several groups at once,
through a process known as cross-posting.
     Say you want to start a discussion about the political
ramifications of importing rare tropical fish from Brazil.  People who
read rec.aquaria might have something to say. So might people who read
alt.politics.animals and talk.politics.misc.
     Cross-posting is easy.  It also should mean that people on other
systems who subscribe to several newsgroups will see your message only
once, rather than several times -- news-reading software can cancel out
the other copies once a person has read the message.  When you get ready
to post a message (whether through Pnews for rn or the :post command in
nn), you'll be asked in which newsgroups.  Type the names of the various
groups, separated by a comma, but no space, for example:
and hit enter.  After answering the other questions (geographic
distribution, etc.), the message will be posted in the various
groups (unless one of the groups is moderated, in which case the
message goes to the moderator, who decides whether to make it public).
     It's considered bad form to post to an excessive number of
newsgroups, or inappropriate newsgroups.  Probably, you don't really have
to post something in 20 different places.  And while you may think your
particular political issue is vitally important to the fate of the world,
chances are the readers of rec.arts.comics will not, or at least not
important enough to impose on them.  You'll get a lot of nasty e-mail
messages demanding you restrict your messages to the "appropriate"