11.8 FYI
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     You can find discussions about IRC in the alt.irc newsgroup.
     "A Discussion on Computer Network Conferencing," by Darren Reed
(May, 1992), provides a theoretical background on why conferencing
systems such as IRC are a Good Thing.  It's available through ftp at
nic.ddn.mil in the rfc directory as rfc1324.txt.
     Every Friday, Scott Goehring posts a new list of  MUDs and related
games and their telnet addresses in the newsgroup rec.games.mud.announce.
There are several other mud newsgroups related to specific types of MUDs,
including rec.games.mud.social, rec.games.mud.adventure,
rec.games.mud.tiny, rec.games.mud.diku and rec.games.mud.lp.
     For a good overview of the impact on the Internet of the Morris
Worm, read "Virus Highlights Need for Improved Internet Management," by
the U.S. General Accounting Office (June, 1989).  You can get a copy via
ftp from cert.sei.cmu.edu in the pub/virus-l/docs directory.  It's
listed as gao_rpt.
     Clifford Stoll describes how the Internet works and how he tracked
a group of KGB-paid German hackers through it, in "The Cuckoo's Egg:
Tracking a Spy through the Maze of Computer Espionage," Doubleday