10.5 E-mailing News Organizations
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     A number of newspapers, television stations and networks and other
news organizations now encourage readers and viewers to communicate with
them electronically, via Internet e-mail addresses.  They include:

     The Middlesex News, Framingham, Mass.  sysop@news.ci.net
     The Boston Globe                       voxbox@globe.com
     WCVB-TV, Boston, Mass.                 wcvb@aol.com
     NBC News, New York, N.Y.               nightly@nbc.com
     The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Ont.       ottawa-citizen@freenet.carleton.ca
     CJOH-TV, Ottawa, Ont.                  ab363@freenet.carleton.ca
     St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times            73174.3344@compuserve.com
     Illinois Issues, Springfield, Ill.     gherardi@sangamon.edu
     WTVF-TV, Nashville, Tenn.              craig.ownsby@nashville.com