10.4 The World Today
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty are American radio stations
that broadcast to the former Communist countries of eastern Europe. 
Every day, their news departments prepare a summary of news in those
countries, which is then disseminated via the Net, through a Bitnet
mailing list and a Usenet newsgroup.
     To have the daily digests sent directly to your e-mailbox, send a
message to
Leave the subject line blank, and as a message, write:
          subscribe rferl-l Your Name

Alternately, look for the bulletins in the Usenet newsgroup misc.news-
     Daily Brazilian news updates are available (in Portuguese) from the
University of Sao Paulo.  Use anonymous ftp to connect to
Use cd to switch to the whois directory.  The news summaries are stored
in files with this form: NEWS.23OCT92;1.  But to get them, leave off the
semicolon and the 1, and don't capitalize anything, for example:
          get news.23oct92
     Daily summaries of news reports from France (in French) are availble
on the National Capital FreeNet in Ottawa, Ont. Telnet to


and log on as: guest.  At the main menu, select the number for "The
Newsstand" and then "La presse de France."