10.3 USA Today
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     If your host system doesn't carry the clari or msen.reuters
newsgroups, you might be able to keep up with the news a different way
over the Net.  USA Today has been something of an online newspaper
pioneer, selling its stories to bulletin-board and online systems across
the country for several years.  Cleveland Free-Net provides the online
version of USA Today (along with all its other services) for free. 
Currently, the paper only publishes five days a week, so you'll have to
get your weekend news fix elsewhere.
          Telnet: freenet-in-a.cwru.edu or
     After you connect and log in, look for this menu entry: NPTN/USA
TODAY HEADLINE NEWS.  Type the number next to it and hit enter.  You'll
then get a menu listing a series of broad categories, such as sports and
telecommunications.  Choose one, and you'll get a yet another menu,
listing the ten most recent dates of publication.  Each of these
contains one-paragraph summaries of the day's news in that particular