1.7 When Things Go Wrong
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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     * Your computer connects with a public-access site and get gibberish
on your screen. 
     If you are using parameters of 8-1-N, try 7-1-e (or vice-versa).  If
that doesn't work, try another modem speed.
     * You have your computer dial a public-access site, but nothing
     Check the phone number you typed in.  If correct, turn on your modem's
speaker (on Hayes-compatible modems, you can usually do this by typing ATM1
in your communications software's "terminal mode").  If the phone just
rings and rings, the public-access site could be down for maintenance or
due to a crash or some other problem.  If you get a "connect" message, but
nothing else, try hitting enter or escape a couple of times. 
     * You try to log in, but after you type your password, nothing
happens, or you get a "timed out" message followed by a disconnect. 
     Re-dial the number and try it again.
     * Always remember, if you have a problem that just doesn't go away,
ask! Ask your system administrator, ask a friend, but ask.  Somebody will
know what to do.