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Vampires! The Dark Alleyway 


167 (2017-08-17)

Just a bugfix as ravenblack site went https.

166 (2014-10-20)

Just a bugfix - upgrade to this version if it doesn't work after an update.

165 (2012-07-22)

Just a bugfix: fixing some parsing errors when accessing Cliffburton's page

164 (2008-04-23)

Just a bugfix (c damaph removed his map - thanks for all the time it was up)


Installation instructions:

1. Right click on the following link and choose 'Save Link As'. You should have a .user.js file.


2. Open a file (Ctlr+O) and select the file you've just downloaded.

3. If you have GreaseMonkey extension installed you should just be able to click on the 'Install' button.

Update (2017-08-17): Note that I no longer play but will try to do minor bugfixes to the script when issues are reported.

The Game

If you know what The Game is, now, you have lost.

As for Ravenblack City (RBC), basically, it's the city where a vampire web game text MMORPG is played.

My main avatar in this game was born around Q4 2005, he was the vampire Josh Green and got fully powered around Q4 2006. His final demise was reached around Q2 2008.


Several tools exist but are often only available for Windows (feel free to look for LIAM2 or DA:IM if you use this OS).

Ravenblack Tuning lives in a niche segment since it is not tied to any OS but only to Firefox in an OS-independent way. Besides, it's free-as-in-beer and free-as-in-freedom.

It enhances the raw default display:


It enhances the default display to improve your gaming experience.





It's released under the GNU GPL v2 license. I'll gladly accept patches and contributions. Getting feedback through email will also enlighten my day :-)


The extension requires Firefox 1.5+ with an up-to-date Greasemonkey extension. However, for security reasons you should always use the latest versions of both these applications.It can probably work with other browsers but it's not been tested.


Using the script should be straightforward but there are a few gotchas. Feel free to ask questions and/or offer your tips & tricks.

  • Step into a bank once to get your account balance stored. The date of your latest visit to a bank is also stored.
    Update : since May 2007, RBC has offered a Scroll of Banking for a few thousands coins.
  • Click the 'Configuration' button to have your account balance shown. It's not always shown as several clans require screenshots, and you may not feel comfortable displaying your wealth :-)
  • The first time you log with an alt, an alert popup will tell you the script is storing your credentials (login + password). Log out then log your other alt to make them known by the script.
    Note: you will only have to do this once per account.
  • In the Configuration submenu you can check which vampires are known with the 'List alts' button - a popup listing your alts will be shown.
  • If there is an error, you can reset the alts saved with the 'Flush alts' button.
    Note: all the configuration related to your alts will be erased.
  • In the minimap, the place shown in black are farther than 5 blocks from a bank... so, lots of pockets may still be full...
  • The '<' and '>' button are used to switch forth and back your alts
  • Sometimes you may see 2 arrows in the central square, this means you can go either way and it won't make your travel any slower
  • Guilds & shops locations are shown in the minimap
  • When your journey goes through a station, it is shown as a '*' to indicate you have to hop in the train
  • A button lets you change the arrows style (for instance to display a direction to the North 0:N 1:^ 2:↑ 3:⇑)


Thanks to:

  • TwoBiteMarks who wrote the Installation Howto
  • c daMaph for letting and helping me use his updated coordinates (guilds, shops, ...) for a while
  • Simon W. who sent several fixes about several incorrect locations
  • the users who provided me with feedback, fixes and ideas...

Now, if you happen to have read till here, you've earned my most sincere sympathy. Good karma for you :-)