Alexander Reykjavik: Great Dane Dog Model

130 pound Merle Great Dane with Half Mantle and Socks  36" at the shoulders

Alexander Reykjavik, or A-Reyk as we sometimes refer to him, is a 3 year old merle Great Dane. He is very well-trained for photo shoots and will sit and wait calmly in any position you pose him in.

He has done several fashion photo shoots, and this is where he shines.


 Here he is in the September 2008 edition of Ladies Home Journal, looking lovely with the ladies.


Photographer Hyungwon Ryoo took this photo of Alexander Reykjavik on a fashion photo shoot.







 These images were taken during for a fashion shoot during a very real thunder and lightning storm. If you look closely you can see the models hair standing up, due to the electricity in the air. The lightning was very close to us, but fortunately, A-Reyk is not afraid of thunder or other loud noises. He is one calm cool dude.


He has also been filmed occasionally for T.V. and movies.

Here he is in a cameo appearance in the soon-to-be-released film "The Narrows", starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Kevin Zegers.



A-Reyk's appearance in a PSA video produced for World Diabetes Day, November 14th, 2008. 


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