Who's Who

The Chief Adjudication Team for 2017:

Katie Heard

Katie has broken at WUDC and EUDC, and was ranked in the top at EUDC 2016. She has broken twice at the LSE Open and been a finalist at various IVs. Katie is also a twice breaking judge at WUDC, an out-round chair and was selected to judge the EFL Final. She has CA'd a variety of competitions such as LSE Schools and Durham Schools, on top of being Team Manager for Wales at WSDC.

Michael Dunn Goekjian          

Michael was crowned Best Speaker in the World at WUDC 2016, where he was also a Grand Finalist, and Best Speaker in Europe at EUDC 2016, where he also won. He was previously the Second Best Speaker at WUDC 2015, where he also topped the team tab. Cumulatively. Michael has won 29 debating tournaments including the Yale IV, the International Mace and the HWS Round Robin, and has been best speaker of over 30 more, including the Oxford IV (twice) and the HWS Round Robin (twice). He was a DCA of WUDC 2017 and will be co-CA of WUDC 2018, and has served on over 30 Adjudication Cores at tournaments around the world. Michael enjoys Dulwich Schools so much that this will be his third time on the CA team.


Raffy Marshall    

Raffy was a finalist at Warsaw European Universities Debating Competition 2016. He was ranked 20th best speaker at the World Universities Debating Championships 2016 in Thessaloniki. Raffy has won 16 debating IVs including the LSE Open 2014 and SOAS IV 2015. He was awarded best speaker at SOAS IV 2015, Birmingham IV, and Trinity IV 2016 amongst others. Raffy was also part of the only team in school debating history to win Cambridge, Oxford and Durham Schools in the same year speaking for Dulwich.

Harish Natarajan

Harish was an Open Finalist of EUDC 2010 and 2011, and won the competition in Belgrade in 2012 - thrice being crowned a top 5 speaker. He was also a Grand Finalist and second Best Speaker at the 2016 World Championship. He has won over 30 major debate competitions including the Cambridge IV 2012, the LSE Open 2009 and the HWS Round Robin 2013.

Tab Directors:

Alex Murray

Aidan Patrick