Polluting the websphere...

Source code and other scripts

JQuery-StripesRotaror is a simple transition effect to rotate images one "slice" after another. You can find it on my gitorious repository.
Bookmarquez is a python program to store all bookmarks (from different browsers) in a single repository and to search through them.
Content Aware Resizing DP algorithm, written in C.
Grazzle This is a code (still incomplete as well as forgotten) I wrote for a friend. It's a BBcode parser, but could easily transform any markup language into another one, specifying a simple transformations table. It is capable of transforming a BBcode text into plain HTML.
It's actually made in an extremely simple way but it should be easy to implement some kind of advanced transformation management. It's written in pure python.
Simpatique is a very naive and simple attempt to create a binary cache for Debian packages' dependency tree. It's a working but completely useless code.
DynamicMenu is a basic but yet fully functional PHP class to create a JavaScript three menu. Supports styling through CSS classes
UnicodeTransliterate is a simple Python class that implements Perl's Text::Unidecode. Simply invoke the "unicodeToAscii(str)" function to get the string in us-ascii.
Ql-Library-Manager is a (still incomplete) music organizer that keeps your music files in a sorted directory structure, exploiting QuodLibet library metadata. It supports advanced transliteration based data provided by MusicBrainz.
Various others I've also collaborated with the A-A-P project (python), and I gave some code, valuable suggestions and translations to the Specto project. Below some scripts I use when I need to do some system administration:

 ooimgresize A python script that makes images smaller into a OpenDocument file, thus saving space.
 httpchange A python script to check whether there are new files in a standard Apache file list (default page for a directory not containing any index). Uses SQLite as backend.
 simplemirror.sh Mirrors a website doing some file renaming and adding a banner. NOTE: It's very incomplete and might not work with several websites.
Before synchronizing two directories with rsync, moves files that would be deleted to a trash directory.
 rotfiles Yet another file rotator. Compresses and renames files when called.
 musicindextools.tar.gz A collection of tools and a CGI to navigate and search through your music library with a web browser. I plan to write a better system using Django.
 chatlogs Colours up IRC chat logs generated by XChat. Written in Perl5.
 mirrorftp A simple shell script to mirror multiple websites through FTP access.

One liners Simple one-liners that can be of value at certain times.
Get svn:externals when using svn with file:// schema.
SERVER="http://svn.myserver.org" # My server in svn:external.
find . -type d | grep -v '.svn' | while read d; do svn propget svn:externals $d | while read l; do echo "$l" | awk -F " " '{ print $2}' | sed "s%$SERVER%file://%" | while read p; do [ "x$p" != "x" ] && svn co "$p" "$d/`echo $l | awk -F \" \" '{print $1}'`"; done; done; done
Create a quilt of images of the same size
convert \( \( photo-01.jpg -resize 230x120 \) \( photo-02.jpg -resize 230x120 \) +append \)   \( \( photo-03.jpg -resize 230x120 \) \( photo-04.jpg -resize 230x120 \) +append \)  quilt.jpg
Users connected to a Netgear router.
wget "http://$HTTP_USER:$HTTP_PASS@$HTTP_ADDR/setup.cgi?todo=nbtscan&next_file=devices.htm" -q -O - | egrep -oh '(([0-9]{0,3})\.){3}([0-9]{1})' | while read addr; do
    echo "\t$addr"
Mount Loop-AES file.
sudo mount -t ext3 -o loop=/dev/loop0,encryption=aes128,gpgkey=/home/giulio/keyfile.gpg,user /var/lib/disks/private.img /mnt/private
Dump a schema from a sqlite3 file. sqlite3 -line "$DB" '.tables' | while read l; do for table in $l; do sqlite3 -line "$DB" ".schema $table"; done; done

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