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Class of 2015

Updated 10/2/2013

Broota is an online marketplace that supports direct equity investments from individual investors to small companies in Latin America. At Broota, investors find free access to select private investments, easy tools to identify and diligence companies, and online transaction capability to make investments.  More info at

  • Contact: Frederico Rizzo '14, Daytime MBA,


For the venue owner seeking a cost effective way to deliver the right music to the right audience at the right time, CrowdTunes is a cloud based music management service and mobile bidding platform that empowers patrons to bid on the music they want to hear in a virtual marketplace. Unlike traditional music management options that require a capital investment and ongoing maintenance while offering the patron nothing more than a static playlist, CrowdTunes engages the patrons in a dynamic environment that is suited specifically to their taste -- while providing a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution to the venue.  Find CrowdTunes on the App Store.
  • Contact: Brandon Magsamen '14, Daytime MBA,

How I Did It

A paid online video mentorship service. This website will connect people looking for guidance in multiple disciplines ranging from Undergraduate/Graduate School applicants to small business owners. More info at
  • Contact: Chad Rose '14, Daytime MBA,


KeyInsite delivers actionable insights to e-commerce retailers.  More specifically, we can help increase sales with dynamic, targeted pricing and promotion campaigns based on analyzing your historical customer data.  Whereas other retail options rely on you having the requisite data analytics expertise, our experienced team of data scientists will work with you directly to utilize our product to come up with and test your next marketing promotion.

  • Contact: Harsha Konduri '14, Daytime MBA,


VentureFarming is a for-profit incubator for beginning organic farmers that seeks to reinvent the food system through distributed and diversified production. VentureFarming addresses the four key limitations of farmer entrepreneurs (land, equipment, mentorship, distribution) by co-locating farmers in a resource-rich environment and realizing economies of scale through collaboration, not consolidation.

  • Contact: Jack Beuttell '14, MBA/MEM,