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Next Steps - August and September

If you have a startup idea
  • Find a teammate. 
    • Minimum 3 students (including you) must be enrolled in P4E New Ventures 1 (Fall Term 2)
    • Commitment: One of you has to seriously think this is what they will do post-graduation, assuming things line up (including funding)
  • Pitch at the P4E Idea Pitch Event
  • Have your idea be found by other Duke students, fill out the Startup Matchmaker Directory form
  • Let us know you are planning to enroll in P4E New Ventures 1 by October 5th. Email Howie Rhee at hwr2@duke.edu and Jon Fjeld at fjeld@duke.edu

If you want to join a team

Ultimately, if you want to get in and you have a team, let us know by October 5th.

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