How to get involved

Three ways to get involved

  1. I want to lead a project - This is a good option if you want to participate in the program as one of the lead students.  Generally for Fuqua students
    1. Join our Startup Matchmaker Directory
    2. Join the Google Group
    3. Pitch your idea at the Kickoff Event; or if you have  "Problem Area" you want to analyze, pitch that.
    4. Get admitted into the Program for Entrepreneurs for the first course, New Ventures 1: Opportunity Evaluation
  2. I want to join a team - This is a good option if you want an entrepreneurial experience, but are most likely going to get a job elsewhere
    1. Join our Startup Matchmaker Directory
    2. Attend the Kickoff Event
    3. Try to join a team that is getting into the Program (this is at the discretion of project lead(s))
    4. Receive course credit
  3. I have an idea for a startup
    1. If you have an idea, submit it here.  This will be viewed by all students
    2. In July, we'll connect interested students to you
    3. Being a project in the Program is at the discretion of the project lead selecting you, and the Advisory Group admitting that project

- If you want to be in a directory for being matched with teammates, fill this out.
- For undergraduates - if you want to be in a directory to be matched with Lead MBA students, fill this out.
- If you want to start finding MBA teammates, look here.
- If you want to start finding undergraduate teammates, look here and here.

For people with startup ideas (students and non-students)

Students are able to match with ideas (both their own, or from other sources) and, if approved by the Advisors to the Program, can take these through the Program for Entrepreneurs.

If you have a startup idea that you'd like to submit, use this form.

To get a sense for the kind of projects that are typically approved for the program, you can look at our List of Active Projects.

If you have questions, you can view some answers in the FAQ for idea submitters.

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Aug 18, 2009, 11:37 AM