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NCAA final four shirts

“A clean shirt,” says a lot about the quality and the personality of a person. The shirt for a man is so close and valuable like no other piece of clothing. You mostly heard several comments about shirts like “His last shirt to lose,” “someone to take off his shirt,” or “it is the shirt thicker than water” and so on.

In earlier times, white shirts were the hallmark of the rich man, as shirts due to inadequate cleaning could be worn only once. The story of the man’s shirt goes far back in time, even though the modern version of the shirt has emerged only in the 19th century. Until the 18th century the shirt was worn exclusively as an undershirt, only the upper part of the collar was visible. A stylish consummate performance in business suit is inconceivable without a matching shirt: To make this combination shirt suit perfectly, it is important to choose the right quality, shape and color.

Quality workmanship

The quality of a shirt can be seen on several criteria:

  • Quality shirts usually have collar stays that give the proper buckle to collar. But the collar deposit should not be too soft and not too hard.
  • Another important detail is the exact pattern history in various parts of the shirt and the quality of the stitches. The more stitches having a seam, the more expensive it is, and thus shirt is good to wear.
  • Another sure sign of high quality is folded in the transition to the cuff and a small additional button on the slot of the sleeve, which prevents divergence. Particularly elegant shirts are designed in double cuffs and cufflinks.
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